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Down another lb.

I’m now at 194 lbs.  It’s all going pretty slow now but that’s OK as long as the #’s go down.  I do need to up my game a bit.  I’m not slacking on exercise but I could be doing more.  I think I’ll start walking at my local track again on my off days to step it up a bit.  I am proud to say I just got done doing 20 min of exercise on my exercise ball.

My weight loss has been good I’m just disgusted with the glob of fat and skin haning from my belly.  My arms are flabby too.  I need to work on toning.  I’ve been really stalled on that though.  It’s like I hit these plateaus where I don’t want to introduce anything new until I’m good and ready.  I did take some pics of me trying on clothes at Target and I purposely chose skimpier clothes.  Part of me was happy that I could wear them and look half decent then the other part of me so my flabby arms and belly and it was a wake up call, so I’m positive I’ll take this all in the right direction. 

I’m also happy to report that my size 14 pants are getting a bit looser.  Now they are not falling off of me by any means but I have a bit more room in them than I used to so that’s super duper great!!!!  I know I can keep working on this and get to where I need to be. 

My goal is still 185 so I’ll only 9 #s away from that.  I can’t lose sight of that.  Once I hit that goal I MIGHT set another goal of getting down to 175.  Right now I”m barely under 200 so I would like to drop down a bit more.


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