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I’m a dunderhead!

My computer was down for a couple of moths so I wasn’t able to do my Fitday or keep my blog up here.  Well, I don’t know what happened but suddenly I was picking all the time and totally convinced I wasn’t eating very much.  Talk about being in denial!  Some very bad things I was doing….well one was increasing my carbs.  I was generally eating open faced low carb sandwiches and substituting ground cauliflower for my rice and potatoes.  Well suddenly I was eating full sandwiches.  I kept thinking that since the bread was low carb I was keeping my carb intake down (big mistake).  Each serving of bread I was eating was 100 calories, so by eating the entire servings I seriously increased my carbs and zapped my energy.  The second thing I did was not exercising like I should.  Yep I never stopped walking but I suddenly wasn’t getting up early to do it anymore PLUS I stopped bouncing on my exercise ball.  Talk about a Catch 22.  I was eating too many carbs which was increasing my total caloric intake + it made me tired so I couldn’t exercise.  Talk about a double wammy….eating more and exercising less!  No wonder it’s so easy to fall off the wagon and put all the weight back on. 

For the past few days I’ve gone back to my open faced sandwiches and as I’m gaining more energy (due to limiting my carbs) I’m slowly adding more exercising back to my routine.  Yeah!!!!!

One happy note though, we had to dress up for work today so I wore a striped blouse (stripes going up and down).  It’s cute and cinched under the bustline which is great for me since my belly is big.  I paired it with some black dressy short and a pair of sexy red shoes.  I felt so confident and got so many compliment.  I was on cloud 9!!!!!!!!!!!!


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