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Down 1 more lb!

I hit the scale this mroning and am now down to 195.  It’s been very slow going but as long as the #’s go down then I’m very happy!  I am SO happy to report that I went toWalmart today to clothes shop.  Well, let me say first that I didn’t realize my Walmart has sz 14 in the normal sized clothes.  So here I was lurking in Plus Sized Women’s looking for a 14 to try and was getting so frustrated that I could find none.  Then I realized there was not ONE 14 in the entire area, so I lurked over to regular Women’s and low and behold found my 14’s.   Now I’ve been wavering between 16 and 18 depending on the brand, so this was a total experiment for me.  At best I wanted a pair of jeans to fit over my hips, even if I couldn’t button them I would be perfectly happy.  You can imagine my surprise when not only did they fit over my hips, but I could button them too, and BONUS they were comfortable!  No too hideous looking muffin top!!!!!  I also got a top on clearance on the regular Women’s side too!  It was a size 14 and was a baby doll looking top that didn’t make me look pregnant.  It also showed off my bony collarbone so double bonus for showcasing an area I love about myself!!!

LOL I was so intimidated walking over to that section. I was just waiting for the fashion police to jump out and say “You do not belong here!”  No one did, so I guess this means the regular section is my new shopping home.  I can’t say I’ll miss the plus sized section only because the few clothes that I did find that were flattering were normally sold out on my size, so maybe now I’ll have some more choices. 

I hate to brag but I look SO much better wearing the right size.  For anyone out there between sizes I feel for you because it sucks to go up one size and have those jeans be to bag but if you go down to the next size you’re squeezing yourself in them and feeling miserable.  I feel like I was between a size 16 and 18 for so so long so it’s great to be down to one size. LOL, of course I want to lose more weight so I have many more in between sized to go!

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