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Still doing good

I finally made it under 200 lbs.  LOL, yep 199.5!!!! Ha ha ha!  It’s still good to say “one hundred and ANYTHING!”  I did pretty well through the holidays.  The only indulgences I had were a few homemade shortbread cookies (ugh nothing but butter and sugar but they were good!) and I also ate my MIL’s Christmas dinner of Cabbage Rolls, Potato Salad, and Ham.  I also had a slice of her apple pie (yuck canned apples!).  I’ve kept up with my exercising walking daily and using my exercise ball, so all in all it was a good holiday diet wise.

I’m hoping 2009 sees me reaching my first goal of 185 lbs.  I think I’d like to go lower than that but one goal at a time.  I’d also like to get toned for this year.  I have excess flesh on my arms, inner thighs, and belly.  I doubt if I ever get them looking great but I think I can improve on their overall look by doing some strengthing exercises and toning the muscles underneath.  Can’t wait!


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