Start Your Diet Today!

LOL, to all my plateau buddies….

I have been suffering w/Bronchitis for 3 days (yes I finally went to the doctor) and have barely ate more than 500-700 calories each day.  I stepped on the scale today, thinking the one “positive” would be losing a few lbs…..well…..guess what?  Didn’t lose a pound!!!!  So for anyone worrying about plateaus, DO NOT STRESS OUT!  Hitting a certain weight and not budging just seems like a normal thing we all go through. 

I think in my situation my body may be going into a slight starvation mode and is clinging to those calories.  I’m sure once I’m well the weight loss will begin again.  I’ve just been more focused on fluids than foods.  Oh well, off to bed, trying to get better!!!


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