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Gosh I don’t want to jinx myself but….

I’m now down to 202 lbs!  So many people commented to me today that my face suddenly looked thinner and how “skinny” I looked, so when I got home I had to weigh myself.  I normally don’t weigh myself so often, but that plateau I hit had me at the same weight for so long that I’ve been jumping on the scale a bit more.  I’m just so exicted to be “this close” to being under 200 lbs.  What a thrill!

LOL, I even felt lighter today walking.  I noticed I was walking much faster than usual.  It was probably the excitement I’m felling over losing weight, but I’m sure dropping a few extra pounds helps too!!!!!!!!

I did my exercise ball some more last night.  It’s actually pretty fun to do I’m just trying to get a good balance of when to do it.  I know it’s not good to do something like that everyday, so I try to break it up between upper body,lower body, and waist toning. 

Well off to bed I go so I can get up early for work tomorrow.

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Heading to “one”derland

I Cannot wait to get under 200lbs.  If someone asks your weight and you begin it with a “1” it automatcally sounds skinny to me regardless of the numbers that come after!!!!  I actually lost  a couple of more lbs and am now down to 205.  I know, I shouldn’t have weighed myself again but I tend to only lose a few lbs once every few weeks sometimes up to a month or more, and then hit a plateau until the following month.  I am now 205.  I feel that I want to work extra hard to get it down to 199 lbs since I’m now so close.  What a motivation to be so close to another goal!

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Down another pound

Wow I’m finally getting over being sick–thank goodness!  Found out I had bronchitis.  Throughout it all I tried to be very good about what I was eating.  I was thrilled to see today that I’m down a pound and am now 207.  For anyone interested my starting weight was 251 so as you can imagine I’ve been thrilled with my weight loss.  I’t’s taken me a little over a year to accomplish this but I don’t care because I’m hoping doing this slow will insure that I keep it off.

I finally seem to be on the verge of getting out of my size 18 pants.  Seems like I’ve been in them forever but noticed the other day they are getting loose, so that’s great!  I might have to stop by the store and try on a pair of sz 16’s to see how close I really am!  I have a store called Gabriel Brothers nearby and they carry name brand clothes at discounted prices and they carry lots of Lane Bryant jeans which are my favorite.  I also like the fact that they seem more true to size IMO.  Don’t worry I won’t be sad if they dont fit, because I know sometime soon they will!!!!

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LOL, to all my plateau buddies….

I have been suffering w/Bronchitis for 3 days (yes I finally went to the doctor) and have barely ate more than 500-700 calories each day.  I stepped on the scale today, thinking the one “positive” would be losing a few lbs…..well…..guess what?  Didn’t lose a pound!!!!  So for anyone worrying about plateaus, DO NOT STRESS OUT!  Hitting a certain weight and not budging just seems like a normal thing we all go through. 

I think in my situation my body may be going into a slight starvation mode and is clinging to those calories.  I’m sure once I’m well the weight loss will begin again.  I’ve just been more focused on fluids than foods.  Oh well, off to bed, trying to get better!!!

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Down another pound!

I’m now down to 208.  It’s great to be so close to being under 200 lbs again!  I did some exercises on my excercise ball and was please to feel the “burn” to know it’s working.  It’s only the second time I’ve used it so I’m not expecting miracles but I know as the months go by I’ll improve and look better.   I’ve actually started fitting into “some” size 16’s and XL’s so I’m slowly but surely going down in size.  LOL, it’s about time, I feel like I’ve been in a size 18 for forever!!!!  I can’t complain though because for awhile back there I was wearing close to a 24 in super baggy eleastic, so an 18 was a great improvement!




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Still here

I’ve basically been maintaining my current weight (fluctuating between 209-211 lbs).  I’m ready to buckle down and start losing again.  My eating has been pretty good (not great) and I’ve still been walking though I skip on doing the elliptical on occassion (bad!!!).  I’m pretty psyched about getting back in the grove.

First I decided to start cutting some of my portions in half.  I like to have an entire wrap for breakfast but then a few hrs later I end up snacking at work and it’s usually not something good.  Well I discovered that 1/2 wrap satisfies me just as well and then I save the other 1/2 for work!  To me it’s win win because I’m consuming less calories and actually getting a better satisfaction in my belly.

Second I need to get back on that elliptical to increase my cardio.  I had finally got myself up to 15 min which was no small feet, so I’m ready to keep that up and hopefully continue to increase the numbers.

Third I got an exercise ball.  I put it in my room and plan on adding some toning because I seriously need it.  I’ve noticed during my weight loss that like many others my target areas such as my large belly are not budging.  Even though I’ve lost a good bit of weight over the year I still can’t get out of a sz 16/18 because my belly is just too large.  I know you really can’t target weight loss in certain areas but I can certainly tone those areas and hopefully improve the overall appearance.  Geez, if I could just get rid of that belly sag when I lay on my side I’d be thrilled!!!!!

Fourth, I’m getting more focused on my Fitday.  I go for days posting regularly on it, then something will happen and “poof” I’ll stop posting for a while, and even though I THINK my numbers are still OK, I can’t be sure because I’m not logging the info.  To me logging fitday also helps to pinpoint what works and doesn’t work for me.  If I go for awhile not losing I can look back and see where I can improve and when I do lose I can see what I’m doing right!

Well off to my exercise ball….I know this won’t be as easy as it looks but I’m up for the challenge, wish me luck!!!

UPDATE:  Just finished on the exercise ball and just had to post how much I liked using it.  The exercises are harder than you think but the ball seems to releve some of the stress and give you some added support.  LOL, I did wobble around a bit here and there but I know that using my muscles to stabalize the ball will benefit me too and teach me balance. 

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