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Still kicking

I haven’t posted for a bit but I’m definetly still working it.  I walked 30 min today at my local track.  I plan on hitting the elliptical tonight after DH goes to work.  I made it down to 209 lbs.  Seems like I bascially go for a few weeks not losing then BOOM I’ll lose a few lbs.  Sticking to low carb and low cal has gotten a little easier over time.  I’ve discovered that I don’t NEED bread and potatoes, and when I do eat either of them It’s in moderation.  

People at work are starting to notice my weight loss and it’s nice to hear compliments from them 🙂 I’m starting to take a greater interest in how I look and what I wear.  Over the past few weeks I’ve picked up a few new tops to compliment my shrinking figure.  An XL used to be tight and is now getting a tiny bit loose.  I’m thinking by the end of the year that size will be completely loose and I’ll be ready for a plain ole’ large!  I’m still in an 18 pant but can fit into a smaller 18 jean that I’ve had laying around the house for awhile, so that feels good.  My belly is the biggest part of me so it’s expected that I’m not losing as quickly there.  Main thing is is to stay focused and keep plugging along.


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