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I’m still here!

I’ve been doing pretty well.  I’ve had some slip ups here and there.  I just finished TOM so that’s always a rough time for me when I tend to overeat.  My weight has been steady and I just bought some new groceries to make sure I got healthy foods to eat and snack on.  I also walked 30 min today at the park in spite of having a blister on my foot.  I’m just starting to get into some smaller sizes so I cannot give up now!

Went back to the park and walked another 20 min today!!!!!

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Where were u?

It’s 9/11 and I’ll never forget that day 7 years ago.  I woke up to get ready for work and got the notion in my head to call off work.  Nope, I wasn’t sick just for some reason didn’t want to go in that day.  I was watching an early morning show when suddenly it was interrupted after the first plane hit.  I sat their transfixed not realizing I was seeing a tragic part of history happen.  I woke my husband up just in time to see the second plane hit.  I pray for everyone who was touched by this awful event.  Bless you all………

I didn’t have any special plans for today.  I’m off work and did go walking at the local track for 28 min.  I haven’t done this in awhile so it felt great to get out and enjoy this great weather.  I also tackled that awful hill that used to just kill me.  I made it up that hill 3x’s today so I am particulary proud of that.  I also bought some yummy foods today to keep me focused and in control.  I just finished a WW Amaretto Cheesecake…Oh Yum!  Those commercials are very accurate when they say these are delicous!!!!

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Why do I keep sabotaging myself?  I SWORE today that I’d stick to my guns and not snack or pick at food and what did I do????  Yep I snacked and picked at food.  I planned on allowing 200 cal today to eat snack crackers because they are easy to eat at work.  Well my friend gave me 1/2 granola bar and 1/2 her snack crackers too!  Then another friend mentioned to me she had bought Garlic Tricuits and didn’t like them, so what do I do???  Yep I had to eat some.  Then when I got home my PB Hershey Kisses were calling my name!  I calculated my calories for today and I’m a little over 1000 calories and of course the majority of them are from fat, then carbs, then protein.  Good news though.  I already plan to have a piece of plain fish tonight with some zucchini so that’ll get my protein count up and give me a nutriotious filling dinner.  Second, I have the PB Kisses in my purse and they will be taken to work tomorrow so my co-workers can enjoy them and I can get them out of my sight!  More good news, I walked 35 min today and just completed 12 min on the elliptical.  I also plan to drag my son outside to walk our normal 10 min in the evening.  So was the day a total loss???  No I just could have done so much better.  I want to lose weight and the unneccesary picking I’m doing is for someone who is at or under goal and can occassionally allow a lapse.  My weight has been wavering about 3 lbs up and down and I need it to go down!  I know that fluctuations are normal but if I was doing the right things it would be consistantly going down not boucing back up again.

Can’t wait to start again tomorrow.  I’m firmly telling my friend no to the granola bar and crackers, and plan to pack a more nutritious lunch like yogurt or cottage cheese. 

Cheers to good health, lots of love, and lots of weight lost for all who need it!

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Another long weekend

I could have done better this weekend, especially yesterday.  I snuck some Hershey Kisses and my MIL made cream puffs (had 2).  I didn’t do terrible but just ate some things like that that I shouldn’t have.  I have a new lease on life and weight today though and am at this moment eating a homemade low carb wrap.  I’m also SUPER motivated to exercise today.  Today is a brand new day, let’s see how it goes…

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Did great today!

I did 20 min on the elliptical!!!!!  This is a far cry from the 4 min I started off with.  I also walked 10 min w/my son tonight, so I did well with the exercises.  I did pretty well with eating.  My only downfall was a piece of quiche.  It bit me in the butt though because I got sick after eating it.  I still have about 400 calories left to eat today, so I’ll make sure it’s high in protein to even things out for the day.

I’m so happy because I bought some new clothes today.  I’m kind of between sizes right now.  At Lane Bryant I can wear about a 14 top though it’s a little tight.  On the bottom I can wear a size 18 but it’s a little big, a size 16 is good, but a size 14 fits but is still a little snug.  So I didn’t buy any pants because I’d really like to get closer to a size 14 which is my target size. 

It’s amazing to be so close to my target size.   I have 28 more lbs to go.  My wish is that I lose it in my belly and legs because that’s where I need it the most.  I keep reading about walking being good for an “overall” loss, so let’s hope it works!  Occassionally I’ve been stretching and contracting my muscles in my belling trying to tone those muscles under the fat and strive for a leaner look.  I don’t want to be negative but I think my belly will be a constant source of frustration for me, but I’m just so thrilled to be losing weight I’m not letting it get me down.

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