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Another day in my life….

Still doing good and keeping everthing on track.  I have to admit I did pick a bit today but nothing major, I just grabbed a handful of nila wafers and munched on them.   My calories were a little under for a couple of days, so I think that’s what caused me to be a little hungrier today. 

I walked 1/2 hr today, then walked another 10 min when I got home, and did 12 min on the elliptical.  It’s been hard working out in this extremely hot humid weather but I just deal with it the best I can and keep going.  I plan on doing some stretches tonight too.  I really like to work my abs by sucking in my stomach muscles.  I also like to pull the muscles in my legs trying to tone them up a bit.  I’m trying desperatly to tone my legs but don’t want to build up too much muscle, I’d rather have lean legs.  If anyone has some tips left me know!


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