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Great Day!

I walked 30 min today and ta-da did 15 min on the elliptical!!!!!  LOL, I multitasked, I colored my hair, and as I had to wait 15-20 min before washing it out I jumped on the elliptical, when I was done it was time to rinse out the color.  I’m still working at this belly and my heavy legs.  I know it’ll just take time, but I see the bones emerging in my shoulders and collarbone I want my lower half to shrink too!  All in good time Cristy!!!!

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My “Friend” TOM

Ugh! I got on the scale the other day and was horified to see I gained a few pounds.  No surprise there since I overate a bit over the weekend, but 4.5 lbs was a big shock!  Well then this morning I discovered that Tom had started.  Well no wonder I was eating some things I shouldn’t have and gained a few lbs.  First off I’m not sweating because I didn’t overeat on my calories I just didn’t get my fat, protein, carb ratio where I wanted it.  Second, that weight gain is probably pure water bloat.  Tom is just a fact of any woman’s life and I just need to deal with it the best I can.

On a brighter note, yesterday I did 12 min on the elliptical!  I keep trying to add a minute or two here and there and hope to be hitting 15 min in the months to come.  I also ate very well yesterday keeping it at 1200 calories and made it a higher protein day.  I have the same plans for today and in spite of Tom I’ll make it through.  I know once I get through this week I’ll lose those few lbs of water I gained and will hopefully post a nice loss in the weeks to come!

UPDATE:  I pushed myself to do 14.5 min on the elliptical.  Then I drug my son outside so we could walk around the block for 10 min.  All in all it was a pretty good day.  I found myself picking at some things i shouldn’t have (oh no!) but I tracked everything on my fitday and actually have some calories left, which I plan to devote to nothing but protein to balance out my fats and carbs for the day.

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Could of been worse

DH decided to take us out to eat on Saturday.  We went to a buffet.  I could of done better but it could have been worse.  I did have a salad full of “good” foods and fat free dressing.  I then had a regular plate of food with steamed cauliflower, sweet potato, and uh oh one slice of pizza!  For dessert I had two very small cookies.  Yesterday, Sunday, I wondered for a moment why my belly was so bloated and why I felt to uncomfortable.  Well when you eat some foods you shouldn’t that’s what happens!  I could have done better yesterday too, but I just made sure I logged everything in my Fitday, which my calories were still under 1800! and now I just move on.  I also forced myself to do 11 min on the elliptical in spite of the fact that the humidity was so high and it was like 85 degrees outside and I have no air conditioning in my house-YIKES!  I was sweating really hard, but it felt good pushing myself to do that little extra to remind myself that I am trying to lose weight.

Today I had a low carb wrap, scrambled egg with no butter, and a slice of cheese.  Today will be a great day, and I have the power to make that happen!

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Another day in my life….

Still doing good and keeping everthing on track.  I have to admit I did pick a bit today but nothing major, I just grabbed a handful of nila wafers and munched on them.   My calories were a little under for a couple of days, so I think that’s what caused me to be a little hungrier today. 

I walked 1/2 hr today, then walked another 10 min when I got home, and did 12 min on the elliptical.  It’s been hard working out in this extremely hot humid weather but I just deal with it the best I can and keep going.  I plan on doing some stretches tonight too.  I really like to work my abs by sucking in my stomach muscles.  I also like to pull the muscles in my legs trying to tone them up a bit.  I’m trying desperatly to tone my legs but don’t want to build up too much muscle, I’d rather have lean legs.  If anyone has some tips left me know!

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Holding steady

I haven’ t lost anything but I haven’t gained either.  I was losing so fast there that another plateau is expected.  I kept my calories at 1400 and managed to walk 20 min and then did a solid 10 min of stretching.

I’m hoping to get my legs toned up.  I’ve been trying to find some things online especially for upper thighs.  I haven’t found anything yet, but I only searched a couple of sites.  I get frustrated because it seems like I have this thick layer of fat around my legs and it just seems so hard to get rid of.  I’ll just have to keep plugging away at it.

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Another good day

I walked 30 min today and plan on taking my son for a walk tonight.  I’ve still got a couple of hundred calories left for the day so I also managed to keep my calories under check.  I’m now at 215 lbs.  Go figure being on a plateau and now losing like crazy over a couple of weeks.  Guess my body is making up for lost time.

UPDATE:  Just finished my nightly walk with my son.  So that’s another 10 min of exercise for the day!  I also did 10 min on the elliptical so overall got some good exercises in for the day.  I still can’t believe I can walk up the hill at my house and not pass out from exhaustion.

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Another Good Day

I just completed 12 min on the elliptical.  I then went for a walk with my son for 10 min, so that’s great!  Later tonight I’d like to listen to some music and do some stretches.  Does anyone know how to tone upper legs? 

I’ve also done a great job at keeping my eating under control.  I’ve noticed since I’ve passed this plateau I seem to be getting fuller on less food.  I’m going to recalcute my caloreis based on my height and weight (haven’t done that since I was at my highest weight 251).  I’ll probably still eat about the same sine I really don’t want to go too much below 1500 cal unless I hit a major plateau and even then I won’t go lower than 1200.

I had fun trying on some old pants today.  Now I’m already wearing a sz 18 and the old ones I was trying on were also 18’s BUT they ran small.  I can put them up to my current pants and they are at least a full inch smaller around the waist (go figure) but anyway, they are still a bit too snug around the waist to wear to work for an 8 hr day but I tink I’m ready to wear them out for casual trips to the store.  I also found a pair of shoes that used to rub my feet and now they seem to be OK 🙂 Now don’t laugh but they are “granny” type shoes with a clunky heel and lace up on the top.  I have to say, I’m a girl of the 90’s when big clunky shoes were all the rage and I honestly have not left that love behind.  Even when I’m thin (notice I say WHEN not IF) I’l still be a big girl at 5’10” and unfortunatly itty bitty sandles just don’t cut if for me.  I’m hoping some day my stye of shoes come back in style so I can go crazy and buy some!!!!

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It’s Official!

I AM officially at the 1/2 way mark now!!!!!  I am now at 218 lbs and have 33 lbs to reach my goal of 185!!!!  I am so happy and thrilled!  I litterally went for 2 mths on a plateau so it’s so great that those #’s are finally moving.  Thanks to ALL of you for your support.  Never have I visited a forum that welcomes it’s members, whether they are casual posters like myself or full fledged members, with such open arms and such awesome support!!!!!!!  WE CAN ALL DO IT!  NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

UPDATE:  I did 11 min straight on the elliptical.  I’m still thriled with these #’s because it wasn’t too long ago that I could only manage about 3-4 min at a time.  Somewhere along the line I seemed to break through this threshhold and suddenly could triple that time–AWESOME!

I also noticed I can walk around my block much easier now too.  I live on a steep hill, and I’ll never forget the first time I walked up it.  Gosh, I had to stop about every 30 steps and take a breath.  Now I can breeze around it without stopping.  I still walk hard enough to get my heart rate up so I’m still getting a good walk in….I just don’t feel like I’m going to die each time I do it!!!!

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Another good day.

I’m so thrilled to be down to 219, so I’m almost down to the 1/2 way mark!  Yippee!!!!  I walked today to.  I had a hair appointment and the salon is only about 1.5 miles away so I walked there (downhill most of the way) and then back (obviously uphill most of the way).  Going uphill was murder, but I made it, I’m still alive, and I managed to get in about 40 solid minutes of walking!!!!  Yesterday I walked for about 40 min then did my usual late night 10 min walk with my son.  He’s 6 so it’s not exactly a 10 min stroll it’s more like a sprint trying to keep up with him. 

Can’t wait to report more weight losses!  I was at a plateau for SO long, like 2 months, so it’s gratifying to even lose a couple of pounds.

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Did really well

I walked 45 min at work today.  Then when I got home my son wanted to walk so I went around the block with him for about 10 min.  Funny thing is, when I first started walking way back when it felt like I was walking through molasses all the time like it was hard to propell my legs forward with all my excess fat.  I noticed today I felt lighter and had a quicker pace with not as much effort.  It would have been easy just to keep my same pace, but I want a challenge so I picked up the pace and walked faster.  How great!  Super excited that my son is enjoying walking with me, hopefully I can get him to develop good exercise habits.

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