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Dropped 2 lbs.

I am now down to 224.  I can’t wait to get out of the 220’s and into the teens!  I did 8 min on the elliptical.  Like I’ve said before I’m definetly not breaking any records on it, but I’m doing it and that’s what counts!  The day is not over yet, so I’m hoping to do a few more minutes on it.

My DH decided (again) that he want to lose weight and has been drinking slimfast for the past couple of weeks and asked me to prepare food for both of us.  I warned him that because of my blood sugar I’m doing a more low carb diet and he’s been cool with that.  I think I even showed him that replacing some of our starchier foods with low carb sides likes steamed zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. is actually more filling than potatoes and pasta.  I’m very proud of him, he’s been doing well, though I do have to tease him when I get up in the morning and see he’s snuck some extras.  I let him know it’s OK to splurge once in awhile, I just keep reminding him that if he goes overboard he’s not doing himself any favors, let’s see if he listens!

UPDATE:  I just did 3 more min on the elliptical.  I did something a little different though, I stood in front of the elliptical and just just used my arms to pump the machine back and forth.  Whew, I can feel it in my forearms, biceps, and shoulders!  Hopefully this will firm my arms up a bit!  I’m curious, has anyone else used their elliptical like this?  If so, did you get any results?

2nd UPDATE:  I just did a little over 5 min of stretching which felt great.  I like to lay on my back and just let my legs fall to the sides to stretch the muscles in my inner thighs.  I also did some ab work just tightening the muscles in those areas.  I have jiggles in my belly and thighs so hopefully this helps.


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