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Guess who’s back…

I never really left, just haven’t posted in awhile.  I’ve gained a few pounds and am bak to 226.  I’m not crying over it.  For some reason 226 is some “magic” number for me because I seem to keep coming back to it.  I really need to switch things up or something because I’ve been on this awful plateau for over a month now.  I still walk 1/2 hr each day.  I still walk on the elliptial too though I will admit I could push myself more on it to do more.  I’ve been watching the calories but I cannot tell a lie I’ve not been calculating my Fitday like I used to 🙁 and that’s not good.

I guess at this point I feel like I’m still doing good but not great.

I will say I went swimming last night at my friends house and when I came home I slept like a baby.  I Love to swim!!!!  I’ve never been pushy and don’t invite myself over to people’s houses, but gosh I really want to invite myself over to her place again real soon!

UPDATE:  Well I’m up to date on Fitday today and went for a 20 min walk at our local park!  I’m so proud because they are the things I need to do to get beyond this plateau.


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    leighish said,

    July 16, 2008 @ 5:49 pm

    235 seems to be my magic number. And yet I never want to be there unless I’ve gained more than that.
    Good luck!

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