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*groan* hear I go again.  If I was “good” I would be posting a big loss now, but instead I’m just thrilled that I haven’t gained more than I did.  I’m now at 229.5.  Fell off the wagon big time.  Money was so tight I had to buy nasty carb riddled cheap food to keep us going and I let it all go to my head (actually my belly!)

I’m determined to get up, brush off the dust, and move on.  I have the right attitude it’s just time to put it all in motion.  I’m ready to do this again!!!

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Here I go again!

Last night I had a really bad eating binge.  I felt like that girl on the European Vacation movie sitting at a long table stacked with food and endlessly eating.  Seriously though last night wasn’t my only slip, I’ve been seriously eating like a pig for a week now.

Today was my visit back to reality.  I entered in my Fitday, got batteries for my MP3 since I like to walk with music, and I got a bright new attitude!  Besides I had to do something, my jeans are getting tight (yikes!)

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