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Still faltering a bit

Money is oh so tight-hate to sound melodramatic but it’s the truth!  I’m eating more carbs than I would like to.  No excuses though I just have to foucs on the prize.  My friend at work gave me some clothes to try and they are a size 16 and am so excited that they fit!  Of course they are stretchy pants to that’s a bit forgiving but who cares!  I know I wouldn’t have fit into them 6 mths ago so I’m steaming along enjoying the ride.

Today I’m doing much better.  I had a salad for breakfast and a salad for lunch.  That’s usually not my style to eat a bunch of salads, but I’m trying to get my brain back in the grove and prove again that I can eat right, excercise, and lose this weight.

I watched a show tody about young adults that are struggling w/being overweight.  Once girl was happy w/herself which is great!  Everyone should love who they are.  The other 2 were morbidly obese and turned to surgery for help.  I had gastric bypass over 6 yrs ago and it was truly a blessing for me.  Course I gained weight after my son was born but what woman doesn’t!  LOL, of course over 6 years is a long time to carry that baby weight around.  But that’s why I’m hear now.  Facing this fat demon head on ready for battle.

I’m trying to stay focused and logging in here is the best way I know how!!!!

UPDATE:  Did two 3 Min sessions on the elliptical-yes 6 min!


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