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I finally got back to my Pre Holiday Binge Weight!!!!!  Glory Glory Hallelujah!  I’m now back to 226 lbs!  I’m still a calorie counter at heart but I’m focusing on Low Carb and I think it’s really paying off.  Prior to eating higher protein lower carb I was struggling not to go over 1800 calories and now I’m struggling to get in 1200 each day!  That’s an awesome feeling!  I’m still trying to balance out eating too much fat but keeping in mind that the fat I am intaking is from lean meats and mostly good fats not saturated.  One thing that I’ve been trying to work on is limiting my cheese a bit more.  I’m poor and paying for low fat cheese is kind of hard when I’m used to paying Aldi prices for groceries.  So today I skipped cheese on breakfast and my mid snack and only had a small slice for lunch.  It’s really helped in keeping the fat and calories down.  I’ll continue to monitor this and see how it works out on a day to day basis.  Cheese is a really struggle for me because my motto is “Just about any Cheese is a Good Cheese” and can work it into just about any meal 😉


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