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I think I found my balance…

I’m a calorie counter who has been trying to go more low carb.  Wow, what was I waiting for!  I am SO full and am not even 1/2 way to using all of my allotted calories-AMAZING! 

I’m really getting into using cauliflower to replace the starch in my diet.  I’ve been fascinated w/this concept but I just finally got around to doing it and I do not regret it a bit!  Not only am I eating more veges (an area I was seriously lacking in before) but my carb #’s have gone down signifigantly. 

I also added Ground Turkey to my diet.  Not the high fat kind but the 93/7 blend.  I mixed up a nice meatloaft with it, crunched the numbers, and 1/6 the meatloaf (a HUGE piece) is only 205 cal, 8.58 fat grams, 10.8 carbs, and 22 grams of protein.  Awesome!  Better yet, I was so full that I could only finish 1/2 my plate of turkey meatloaf, smashed cauliflower with carmelized onions, and sauteed zucchini!

I already informed my husband we are going more low carb in our diet.  It only makes sense to me.   This is the fullest I’ve felt in a long time and I know that I should be watching my carbs anyway due to my low blood sugar.

I know this is only my second day of really following this path, but I’m really feeling confident that this is the say to go.  I’m so excited and hope this works for me!

UPDATE:  Just did 5 min the elliptical.  OK, I’m not breaking records but my heart rates up and my legs are feeling the strain, so I’m happy.


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