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Still faltering a bit

Money is oh so tight-hate to sound melodramatic but it’s the truth!  I’m eating more carbs than I would like to.  No excuses though I just have to foucs on the prize.  My friend at work gave me some clothes to try and they are a size 16 and am so excited that they fit!  Of course they are stretchy pants to that’s a bit forgiving but who cares!  I know I wouldn’t have fit into them 6 mths ago so I’m steaming along enjoying the ride.

Today I’m doing much better.  I had a salad for breakfast and a salad for lunch.  That’s usually not my style to eat a bunch of salads, but I’m trying to get my brain back in the grove and prove again that I can eat right, excercise, and lose this weight.

I watched a show tody about young adults that are struggling w/being overweight.  Once girl was happy w/herself which is great!  Everyone should love who they are.  The other 2 were morbidly obese and turned to surgery for help.  I had gastric bypass over 6 yrs ago and it was truly a blessing for me.  Course I gained weight after my son was born but what woman doesn’t!  LOL, of course over 6 years is a long time to carry that baby weight around.  But that’s why I’m hear now.  Facing this fat demon head on ready for battle.

I’m trying to stay focused and logging in here is the best way I know how!!!!

UPDATE:  Did two 3 Min sessions on the elliptical-yes 6 min!

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Lost 3 more pounds!

Now I’m down to 223, just 4 more lbs to hit 219 and just 5 more lbs to hit the 1/2 way mark on my weight loss goal!

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Getting off track a bit

I’m still trying really hard but I’ve been struggling with the eating  a bit.  I’m still enjoying a lower carb diet but I’m broke until Friday so I’ve been making hard choices and haven’t been able to eat my lovely low carb veges like I was before.  I did find some frzn green beans and 1/2 head of cabbage I didn’t know I had so maybe I can finish out the week on a higher note! 

I’m not out of the gam yet…not by a long shot!

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Another Great Day!

I kept my cal at 1200 today so really super happy about that.  Still watching the carbs and feeling great for it!  I wish I would have realized earlier how much fuller I’d feeling eating low carb.  What can I say, sometimes I’m slow!

I drove past my local track today and had burning itch to go walk.  Well I had to get my son off the school bus so after I did he looked at me and said “Hey Mom why don’t we go to the park?”  What a great idea!  I walked for 20 min once with our dog (oh he’s not good on the leash!).  I’m running a little low on food supplies so should replenish here in a day or so.

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I finally got back to my Pre Holiday Binge Weight!!!!!  Glory Glory Hallelujah!  I’m now back to 226 lbs!  I’m still a calorie counter at heart but I’m focusing on Low Carb and I think it’s really paying off.  Prior to eating higher protein lower carb I was struggling not to go over 1800 calories and now I’m struggling to get in 1200 each day!  That’s an awesome feeling!  I’m still trying to balance out eating too much fat but keeping in mind that the fat I am intaking is from lean meats and mostly good fats not saturated.  One thing that I’ve been trying to work on is limiting my cheese a bit more.  I’m poor and paying for low fat cheese is kind of hard when I’m used to paying Aldi prices for groceries.  So today I skipped cheese on breakfast and my mid snack and only had a small slice for lunch.  It’s really helped in keeping the fat and calories down.  I’ll continue to monitor this and see how it works out on a day to day basis.  Cheese is a really struggle for me because my motto is “Just about any Cheese is a Good Cheese” and can work it into just about any meal 😉

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Still feeling under the weather

Called off wokr today.  Just feeling crapy.  I’m still keeping my calories in check.

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Hanging in there

I only walked 11 min today.  Just felt lousy and decided I’d give myself a little break today.  I’m getting the dreaded cramps and think my period is close to being here 🙁

Still keeping my calories in check.  Of course, any time my period is due the cravings go up!  I just ate a Chicken Breast, Faux Rice, and Green Beans.  I did mess up and eat 2 T of icing from the jar!  Darn my DH for leaving it out for me to see.  I added it to my Fitday though so I guess accidents are allowed to happen I just have to calculate those calories and move on.

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Another New Day!

Wow I checked my calorie intake for yesterday and I was barely over 1200 cal!  I’m going for another low carb day.  Can’t wait to see if I’m as successful today as yesterday!

I walked 29 min today.  I also got on the scale and I’m down to 227!  Last time I weighed myself I promised myself I would wait a week before I weighed myself again and am so happy to report a 2 lb loss!

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I think I found my balance…

I’m a calorie counter who has been trying to go more low carb.  Wow, what was I waiting for!  I am SO full and am not even 1/2 way to using all of my allotted calories-AMAZING! 

I’m really getting into using cauliflower to replace the starch in my diet.  I’ve been fascinated w/this concept but I just finally got around to doing it and I do not regret it a bit!  Not only am I eating more veges (an area I was seriously lacking in before) but my carb #’s have gone down signifigantly. 

I also added Ground Turkey to my diet.  Not the high fat kind but the 93/7 blend.  I mixed up a nice meatloaft with it, crunched the numbers, and 1/6 the meatloaf (a HUGE piece) is only 205 cal, 8.58 fat grams, 10.8 carbs, and 22 grams of protein.  Awesome!  Better yet, I was so full that I could only finish 1/2 my plate of turkey meatloaf, smashed cauliflower with carmelized onions, and sauteed zucchini!

I already informed my husband we are going more low carb in our diet.  It only makes sense to me.   This is the fullest I’ve felt in a long time and I know that I should be watching my carbs anyway due to my low blood sugar.

I know this is only my second day of really following this path, but I’m really feeling confident that this is the say to go.  I’m so excited and hope this works for me!

UPDATE:  Just did 5 min the elliptical.  OK, I’m not breaking records but my heart rates up and my legs are feeling the strain, so I’m happy.

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Wow, I just saved a lot of calories and I’m full too!

I had some zucchini and mushrooms in the fridge so I decided to do breakfast a little different.  Lately I’ve been addicted to wraps but have been frustrated that the low carb bread I like is no longer at my local grocer (grrr!) so this morning I decided to go a little more low carb.  I used a vegetable peeler and did some nice thing slices of zucchini–it was actually about 1/4 of the zucchini which made a huge pile.  I also sliced some mushrooms.  Sauteed them in a pan with cooking spray, salt and pepper.  I pulled them out of the skilled and added 1 scrambled egg to make an omelet.  I topped it with one slice of cheese, a thin slice of ham, and the zucchini mixture.  Very yummy and filling.  Also intead of topping out at over 300 calories I’m just a little over 200 calories for breakfast!!!! 

Yesterday I was having a lot of problems keeping it under 1800 cal for the day mainly because of deciding to add swiss chesse to a couple of meals (why didn’t I know something that taste so smokey rich would be a higher calories packed cheese!) and I also had some homemade vegetable beef soup which realy isn’t that bad but I like adding crackers to it which are so packed with extra calories it’s not even funny!

There’s that old saying though live and learn so that’s what I’m doing.  I’ll be more careful today and will make better choices.

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