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Periods Suck!

I was ready to start a brand new 21 day challenge when I realized I was going through a “snacky” moody.  Picking at this and that and it was really frustrating me.  Sure enough I woke up this morning and found my period had started 🙁 At least I know I wasn’t following off the wagon! 

Well I walked 13 min at work and just did 6 min on the elliptical.  I’m cutting myself some slack on the eating.  My period has put my hormones into a tailspin and I’m having a rough time with it.  I’m still watching the calories but earlier today when I wanted a pepperoni roll I did eat one without thinking about the fat and carbs and just tried to keep the the calories in check.  I’m definetly not throwing in the towel just taking it easy for a day or two.

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Brand new day

I’m trying hard today to stick to my guns.  I walked 27 min and just completed 5 min on the elliptical.  I may start another 21 day challenge to keep me in check.

Did another 5 min on the elliptiacl for a total of 10 min.

I’m still considering another 21 day self emposed challenge.  I probably won’t start until Monday.  I’ll still be “good” this weekend but this will give me time to plan out some goals.  I’ll definetly keep the 1800 cal goal and have to think about the exercise.  Since the weather is getting a bit nicer may have to up the min I want to do. 

UPDATE:  OK, I already had 10 min on the elliptical.  Decided to do another 5 and then I thought what the heck and decided to do another session.  I decided to be different this time and listen to music and ended up doing another 6 min….grand total 21 min..yippee!  That’s what I’m talking about!

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Uh oh!

Did you ever get up from a nap and you’re all groggy, and for some reason you walk into the kitchen fully aware of what you are doing (but for some reason unable to stop) and you just grab the first thing you see and just start munching????  ((Sigh)) I had one of those moments last night!  I fell asleep on the love seat waiting for DH to get home from his mid shift and when I woke up I was awake but still half out of it (excuse) and I don’t know what possessed me but I walked in the kitchen, opened the cupboard, and the first thing I laid eyes on was a big bag of cheese doodbles.  Now I did have sense enough not to just walk in the living room with the entire bag, I did get a small bowl and shake out about 1 cup.  I quickly ate that cup and went into the kitchen and shook out another cup and ate it too.

Now I have nothing but excuses for why I did that I have no idea.  I wasn’t THAT sleepy, if I just would have paused for a second and thought about it I could have stopped.  I do have one slightly valid excuse, my period will be starting here soon and my hormones always go crazy and I start craving thing I shouldn’t eat. 

Well, I figured I could sit here and mop and say “Oh I should just give up!” but seriously it was cheese doodles, I’m over it now!  Time to focus on the now and do better today.  I bought some groceries yesterday, so I have some good foods to choose from, so I am determined that I’ll make good choices today!

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Exercises for Today

So far I’ve completed 5 min on the Elliptical.  I’m going to do at least 2 more 5 min sessions to get in 15 min for the day.

UPDATE:  Just did another 5 min session.  I’ve gotten a little more “snacky” today.  As soon as I realized I immediatly went to FitDay and logged my entries…whew, I’m at 1200 calories so that’s good.  I allow up to 1800 each day so I’m still in the “safe zone”.   Of course if I decided to have one last mini meal for the day I’m making sure it’s good and good for me.  Today I allowed for an oven baked pretzel and a couple of bites of spaghetti and those are definetly not my best choices, so I plan on having something low carb high protein and yummy!  It’s OK to indulge once in awhile but I need to keep focused and in control.  Carbs make me sick and send my sugar into haywire so no more for today!

UPDATE:  Ok, in light of of me snacking earlier I did two 5 min sessions on the elliptical.    I also had one more mini meal and had talipia fish and a nice salad on the side trying to keep my carbs in check.  So total exercise was 20 min today on the elliptical and still kept my calories under 1800.

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Am I really in control?

I actually wrote this on Sunday but forgot to Publish it: 

Hmmm…I think I’m getting better.  For example, my friend at work always brings hot dogs into work on Sunday as a treat to everyone.  Now, in the past I would eat it with total abandon and load it up with anything and everything.  In the past I always had the mentality that if I was going to eat one bad things I may as well eat EVERYTHING!  What a bad attitude.  So yes today, I ate my hotdog and I carefully measure out 1 T of cheese sauce to put on top.  I ate it, added it to my tracker and that was that.  I calculated my calories and still have a 500 cal cushion!  Amazing!!!!

I am concerned because money is so very tight this particular week.  You know those particular weeks when you realize that everything is due all at once??  I have provisions to keep me going for a few days.  I’m praying that I make the best food choices possible!

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Reaping the Benefits

I tried to avoid the scale while I did my 21 day challenge and I think that was a good thing.  For the past couple of days I have been getting on the scales a bit more and am happy to report I am now down to 231.  Just 2 lbs away from hitting those 220’s again!

Everything has been going slow and steady and I really think that’s the best way to go.  I’ve been down that path before where you eat like a bird and exercise until you want to die….and yes I have lost weight on those diets but I have always gained that weight back…and then some!!!!  I’m only 32 years old but after 32 years of being fat I want to avoid that roller coaster ride at all costs. 

I figure at this rate I’ll be at the low end of the 200 lb mark when June gets here, Spring has sprung, and kids are out of school.  Sure I’d love to start out under 200 lbs but I just don’t want to starve myself to do it!  I refuse!  I’m losing weight eating 1800 calories each day so if it’s not broke why fix it?!

I have to run some errands today so I’m getting ready for that.  I also plan to get on my elliptical and do some minutes.  I’m really pushing myself to maintain tose 5 min at a time.  I figure in the next week or so I can add another min or two onto that figure and keep pushing to do more.  I know I can do it I just have to be positive and keep going.

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Exercising and Me!

I am so thrilled that I found exercises that work for me.  I just love to walk and managed 30 min today between my break and lunch.  I just got off doing 5 min straight on the elliptical. 

Now I will say that elliptical has been whipping my butt but in a good way!  As I said before I could barely manage 1-2 min straight before and now I can do up to 5 min.  We’ve had the elliptical for a few week so I think I’m right on track adding a few min each week and building onto what I can already do.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to do multiple shorter sessions but each time I’m on the machine I just picture the future Cristy doing 15 min straight!  Each goal I set like that I can’t help but imagine what I’ll be doing a month from now!!!!

UPDATE:  Did another 5 min on the elliptical.  Did I say how much I love having exercise equipment in my house?!  So great, anytime I feel up to exercising I can just hop on and go.

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DAY 21!!!!

Yeah I met my 21 day challenge!  Am I stopping here??  Heck no!  I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to develop a habit and wanted to see if the theory held true.  Well let’s see….I’m trying to think of what I’ve learned during these 21 days….

1.  You can set a goal and stick to it!  I seem to have it ingrained in my head that it’s just my job to get up, eat right (try to stay within 1800), and exercise a little each day.

2.  Exercising each day isn’t so bad.  I set my goal for just 15 min a day each day because I knew it was something I could maintain.  Since I exercised 7 days a week instead and averaged 15 or more min each day I actually exceeded that day.  Keeping that 15 min goal in my mind to me really kept it all in perspective. 

3.  Low carb foods are good!  I dabbled a bit more into the low carb world.  I seriously like my starches so I steered more towards items like low carb wraps and pitas.  They were a bit more expensive but I’m worth it!  I also found out they tasted good and saved me a ton of carbs and calories!

4.  Sugar is BAD for me.  I know I know all things in moderation, so sure I can have a little sweetner in things but seriously eating very high carbs and sweets is a bid no no for me.  I did splurge once on my journey and allowed for a dark chocolate candy bar.  That evening I felt light headed and was left craving more candy!  Sugar for me is like the worst drug.  All it takes is a taste and you want more!  Lesson learned, it’s ok to have a bite but keep in mind the dangers of mindlessly eating.

5.  Speaking of mindlessly eating….I think I now have better control of that.  I used to eat food with so much abandon it’s like I was hallucinating or something and when I’d “wake up” the food was gone stuffed down my face so quickly I really didn’t even enjoy it.  So what did I do???  Well since I didn’t enjoy the first time around this seemed to give me a pass to eat even more.

6.  I’ve also really realized how many calories, fat, and carbs are really laden in foods.  Geez Louise, when you count every morsel going into your mouth you do reach a point where you say to yourself “WOW I eat a lot!!!!”  My body is not like anyone elses.  I do not have the luxury of eating anything I want and not gaining a pound.  I have to account for each thing I eat and I really had an eye opener when I realized when I go to the kitchen and grab a handful of cereal or a couple of my son’s cheesies that those foods do count and they do add up. 

7.  Not all food are created equal.  I REALLY realized that I had much better food choices to make than what I was presently making.  Seriously, I could have a 100 cal wrap made with a 70 calorie low carb tortilla and some sliced turkey that equaled 30 calories OR I could eat one small block of chocolate for 100 calories!!!!  It was like a huge realization that yeah I could diet and still be full I just had to eat the right things.

So now that I’m done with the 21 day challenge I’m really to keep on losing weight and I DO NOT want to stop my goals of exercising each day and eating right!

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DAY 20

Wow I’ve been so committed for the past 20 days I am so proud.  By tomorrow I would have met the 21 day challenge I set for myself.  I walked 37 min today.  I’ve been really good with my eating too.  I don’t want to say that it’s ever easy but each day was like an adventure and a testiment to my strength and committment. 

UPDATE:  Just did 5 min straight on the elliptical.  Whew!

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DAY 19

This is kind of my treat day.  Still did 22 min walking and watched what I ate.

UPDATE:  Just did 5 min straight on the elliptical.  I noticed I’m going faster too.  Used to only manage about 49 rpms and now I’m doing 55-56 rpms!

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