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Brand New Week

Here it is Monday.  Ready to eat right, walk, and do my elliptical.  I forgot to post I walked 21 min on Sat and then yesterday I walked 47 min. I worked O/T at work so didn’t get to post yesterday, I was just too darn tired!

UPDATE:  Just did 7 min on the elliptical.  I didn’t get to walk today because my son was sick and had to take him to the doctor.  I’m planning on making up for that tomorrow.

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New Level of Confidence

Ahhhh…it’s so nice to be on the lower end of the 200’s!  I feel this new level of confidence surging through me.  What a great feeling.  Walked today but I forgot and left my totals at works!  That’s OK I can update tomorrow.

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Thanks for welcoming me to the 220’s

Thanks for your words of encouragement everyone.  I am so happy to hit the 220’s.  Sometime you hit certain #’s while losing weight that just make you feel good and hitting your 220’s is one of them!  It always feel like it’s downhill from here.  Now I’m not implying it’s going to be easy but it just feels so good to get this much closer to the 190’s!

Don’t want to forget I walked 32 min today!

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OK, I’m not getting back on the scale for another week….

I got on the scale again today and am now down to 229!  I am so happy and excited…BUT…I know how tempermental that scale can be so I have to stay off for at least a week.

UPDATE:  Just did 7 min straight on the elliptical.  Wow I can’t belive that I can actually get up to that number when 1-2 min used to just kill me!  What’s great too is my heart rate is up and I’m worked up a good sweat!

UPDATE:  Completed 9 more min on the elliptical.  Total for the day 16 min! 

BTW thanks for the nice words everyone!  I really appreciate all of your encouragement!

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Oh my goodness!

I weighed myself and am now down to 230 lbs!!!!  Wow I’m just 1 lb away from hitting the 220’s and just 4 lbs away from my lowest weight prior to the holidays.  Yippee!

Now I’m still not obsessing over the #’s but it’s always good to see them go down!  Here’s to another great day!

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Another Good Day

I walked 35 min today and just did 8.5 min straight on the elliptical.  So for the elliptical I am now goind 4x’s as many min as I could in the beginning!  I ate 1600 calories for today so that’s in my range.

Walked w/my buddy Denise today.  She walks the same pace as me so it’s great to walk w/her.  LOL, people complain that I walk to fast when I’m doing stuff at work, but I’ve learned to walk at a brisk pace and I don’t plan on stopping.  Dontcha just hate it when people are pokey?!  Unfortunaetly, I have little patience for people who move at a snails pace 🙂 Oh well I haven’t always been a power walker so I guess I need to learn patience and just keep walking around them!

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A Brand New Day

Made it through Easter.  Today is my brand new day.  Weighed myself.  I’ve gained 2 lbs but I’m not letting that get me down.  I walked 32 min today and just completed 6 min straight on the elliptical.  I’ve kept my eating in check and even turned down a bag of candy from a friend. 

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Bad Day

I planned on going to the grocery store because I was running out of supplies when I received my car insurance info for the next 6 mths and flipped when I realized all my info was wrong!!!  Spent better part of 3 hrs calling this number that number trying to straighten everything out.  By then DH had to leave for work and I was SOL 🙂 So what did I do??? Instead of trying to make the best of the situation I ate a bowl of mac n cheese!  Like a full cup which would be 560 cals alone per the box!  I then picked at some Pringles and my son’s Cereal Straws!  I probably didn’t do as bad as I’m thinking but I knew I had to come her and post and hold myself accountable for what I did. 

I just completed 5 min on the elliptical.  I’m shooting for 10 more min to give me the minimum for the day.  I also have a game plan for tomorrow.  I’m going to get my groceries and start a brand new day!  I just can’t cry about today but I also realize that I can’t keep making excuses for each day.  I have to try my best to treat each day as a gift and a brand new opportunity to eat well and exercise!

UPDATE:  Did another 5 min on the elliptical!

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Still doing my thing

I just did 2-5 min sessions on the ellipitical.  I wanted to try to duplicate my 9 min session from yesterday but DH was trying to sleep before his night shift so I tried to keep the noise down and only did 5 min.  I can tell I”m getting stronger though.  To think I could barely do 2 min before and in some cases I could only manage 1 min at a time!  Before I could only do between 45-49 rpms, now I do between 55-59 rpms!  That’s great!

UPDATE:  I just did another 5 min session.  15 total min for the day!

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All time new record!

For the past few weeks I’ve only managed anywhere from 4-6 min at a time on the elliptical.  Well, I just completed 9 min in a row!!!!  I decided to use a different tactic.  Normally I watch TV as I use the machine and generally the shows keep me interested enough to forget the burn and keep going.  Well, I just downloaded some new songs on my MP3 player and decided to listen to it instead.  Awesome, most songs run anywhere from 3-6 min and I kind of got it in my head to do at least 2 songs in a row.  Well the upbeat music really seemed to keep me going and I was able to do 9 min this time!  Now I wont’ get discouraged if I do less the next time around, because basically even doing it just this one time proves to me THAT I CAN DO IT!!!!! 

I’m not trying to sound vain but I put on a t-shirt the other day that used to be snug.  Well it’s still a little tight here and there but overall looks nicer.  Best part is, I suddenly noticed I’m regaining definition in my waist.  Now I’m nowhere near an hourglass figure but I’m getting there!

My weight has been remaining steady.  I’m used to plateaus so I try not to worry about the numbers too much.  I know it’s hard NOT to think about them but I just keep reminding myself that my clothes are fitting better and let them inspire me each day.

Oh, DH watched me exercise the other day and he started teasing that my butt looked good.  I shot back “I know I know I look bad from behind but you don’t have to rub it in”.  He looked at me in suprise and said “But I’m serious I can really tell a difference you’re toning up really nice back there!” 🙂 LOL I’ve been heavy for so long I can’t even recognize a compliment!

UPDATE:  Just did 5 min on the elliptical.  Total so far 14 min!

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