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Just did Two 3 min sessions on the elliptical.  Wow, total of 6 min so far!  I probably won’t get in anymore sessions until DH leaves for work.  He works nights so I try to be respectful and not wake him 🙂

I upped my calories a bit for breakfast.  I tend to snack a bit too much between meals.  I keep my calories in check but it concerns me that if there comes a day that I’m not prepared I may eat something I shouldn’t.  We’ll see how it goes.  Today, instead of eating about 250 cal I ate nearly 400 cal.  This still allows for a couple of modest snacks.  Hopefully it holds back the hunger!

UPDATE:  Just did a modest 3 min session and a harder 2 min session on the elliptical.  Total now:  11 min. 

Don’t really notice much of a difference between eating 6 mini meals as opposed to 3 hardcore meals with a snack.  Of course it’s day 1.  I work tomorrow so I’ll just take each day as it comes and as long as I can stay in the 1800 cal range I’ll be happy!

2ND UPDATE:  Just did 3 more min, total 14 min!

OOOooops I almost forgot I did 2 more min, so 16 min total!  I was going to try more but I colored my hair tonight so I didn’t want to exercise after just taking a shower 😉


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