Start Your Diet Today!


Well here I am again!  Didn’t do so great w/Protein for breakfast because I decided to eat a 1/2 Bagel and 1 T Cream Cheese but I’m getting a slow start today and that was the quickest thing I could get.  Lots of chicken, cheese, turkey in the fridge though so getting protein in today will not be a problem 🙂

Of course I’ll do my Elliptical today and yes It’ll probably be in 2 min intervals!

UPDATE:  Yeah, got my 15 min in today!   I walked 13 min at work and then I just did 2 min on the Elliptical.  I’ll try to do more on the Elliptical tonight so should be more to come.

2ND UPDATE:  Did 5 min on the Elliptical.  Now I couldn’t do it all at once, had to do a 1 min session, then a few shorter sessions.  So grand total for today is 20 min!


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