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Lavash Bread

Wow I am SO in love w/this bread.  Like I stated in my early post it’s a sheet-like a tortilla but low carb and it’s really saving me here!  My carbs have been way down in the past two days thanks to this miracle bread.  A great example is I had a regular 10 in Flour Tortilla which had a grand total of  27 carbs.  I had 2 servings of Lavash Bread (Serving=1/2 sheet, so 2 Servings is 1 HUGE sheet) and only had 7 cards for each servings for a grand total of 14 carbs in 2 servings.  Wow, I think that’s impressive.  Watching my blood sugar is always a priority since it tends to go low.  Carbs are worse for me than candy.  Candy taste all sugary in my mouth and I tend to stop eating because the sweetness becomes to much to taste, meanwhile high carbs like bread and pasta are so much easier to eat since they generally go down easier, but as soon as my body starts digesting them I go into sugar shock.  My blood sugar sky rockets then plummets.  About the only thing that helps is eating some peanut butter.


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