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DAY 10

Walked 36 min today.  Only did 1 min on the elliptical today because son had homework and machine was a little squeaky.

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Just did Two 3 min sessions on the elliptical.  Wow, total of 6 min so far!  I probably won’t get in anymore sessions until DH leaves for work.  He works nights so I try to be respectful and not wake him 🙂

I upped my calories a bit for breakfast.  I tend to snack a bit too much between meals.  I keep my calories in check but it concerns me that if there comes a day that I’m not prepared I may eat something I shouldn’t.  We’ll see how it goes.  Today, instead of eating about 250 cal I ate nearly 400 cal.  This still allows for a couple of modest snacks.  Hopefully it holds back the hunger!

UPDATE:  Just did a modest 3 min session and a harder 2 min session on the elliptical.  Total now:  11 min. 

Don’t really notice much of a difference between eating 6 mini meals as opposed to 3 hardcore meals with a snack.  Of course it’s day 1.  I work tomorrow so I’ll just take each day as it comes and as long as I can stay in the 1800 cal range I’ll be happy!

2ND UPDATE:  Just did 3 more min, total 14 min!

OOOooops I almost forgot I did 2 more min, so 16 min total!  I was going to try more but I colored my hair tonight so I didn’t want to exercise after just taking a shower 😉

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Excercise Equipment

I was so on the fence about buying a piece of exercise equipment.  So many horror stories from friends that basically have “entire” gyms in their homes and never use them.  Why would I be any different?  Well for one, I’m not the kind of person that has to buy something just because it’s hip and now and to prove to anyone that I can spend money just because I can.  I knew that when I invested in something like that I wouldn’t take it lightly to throw a few hundred bucks out without using it.  Yes, I realize that I’m new at having workout equipment at home, but I’m not new to exercising at home.  When I look back, I can honestly say that most of the time I’d stop doing exercises for some silly reason.  I used to do Sweatin to the Oldies and one of my tapes broke.  So I bought another tape that came with training cords to stretch.  Well after stretching for about 4 weeks my cords broke!  Dummy me, instead of calling their customer service and complaining I just said “Oh well, guess I can’t exercise!”  Wonder what was going through my head?????

I really want this so bad.  I don’t obsess over my weight and I dont’ let it hold me back….to a degree.  Do I feel ugly when I go out in public?  No!  Am I ashamed of my weight when talking to others?  No!  But….I haven’t had a new pair of shoes in 2 years.  I wear the same grungy tennis shoes everyday.  Do I wear anything other than jeans?  Pretty much No, hate to say on the days I don’t wear jeans it’s sweats.  I also don’t like how I look without my clothes on.  I’m really afraid that even after losing weight I’ll still have that awful hanging skin.  But, honestly right now it’s a lot harder trying to stuff 234 lbs into a sz 18 than what it would be like stuffing 185 into a sz 12/14.   I know I’ll never be reed thin, and it’s not even a goal of mine.  I just would love to walk into any store, buy fashionable clothes that flatter my body, and for goodness sakes buy myself a new pair of shoes!!!!!

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Wow, I lost 1/2 lb now down to 234.5!  I had an omelet cooked in cooking spray this AM with a little cheese and spinach.  Yum!  I don’t work today so I HAVE to do 15 min on the elliptical.  It’ll be rough staying on it today, but I’m actually hoping to try 3 min at a time on it.  We’ll have to wait and see if I’m up to it!

If I have a chance today or tomorrow I want to pick up some more lavash bread.  It was so good and so low in carbs, I can’t wait to get more.

I am a little worried about today.  When I’m off work it’s a little harder to keep my mind occupied and sometimes I tend to graze a bit.  Since I’ve been good about posting everything I eat in fitday I’m going to try to be careful about keeping everything under 1800 calories.  Wish me luck!

UPDATE:  Did a total of 4 min on the elliptical!  Ye 4 min in a row!!!!!!!!  Can’t guarantee I’ll manage that much next time around, but who cares I did it now!!!!!!

2ND UPDATE:  Did 3 more min all at once on the elliptical.  Total now 7 min.

3RD UPDATE:  Did 3 more min!!!!

4TH UPDATE:  Did 3 More!

5TH UPDATE:  3 more minutes!  16 min total!  WOW 1 min over my goal.  Maybe more to come????

6TH UPDATE:  Yeah did 4 min all together.  Grand total, 20 min!!!!!

I feel myself getting stronger and it’s getting a bit easier to add the extra min.  As the weeks go on I just want to keep adding more min until I’m up to a 15-30 min workout. 

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Still doing great.  I did eat one of those Taco Bell Salad Bowls yesterday BUT I just calculated the calories and made sure I didn’t go over 1800. 

Other good news, I’m back to 235 which if you see my top tracker on 3FC, it was the weight I had gotten down to from my overeating over the holidays.  Working to get back down to 226 which was my lowest weight.  Yeah!

UPDATE:  Walked 35 min and did 4 min on the Elliptical.  Again I had to do the elliptical in 2 sessions but I can feel myself getting strong and know int eh weeks to come I’ll be able to spend more time on it!

Did really good with my eating today.  So far I’ve only ate about 1000 cal but I wanted to leave a little for the evening so I wouldn’t guilt snack.  I have some yummy yogurt waiting for me in the fridge so I’ll probably munch on that later.  Feels good to feel good for a change!

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Time flys when you’re having fun.  Started day off right w/ lovely wrap.  I’m out of lavash bread but plan on picking up some more on Wed or Thurs.  Got up a little ealier today and if weather is mild enough will walk before walk-go Cristy!

UPDATE:  Walked 43 min at work and just did 2 min on the elliptical.  WooHoo!

2ND UPDATE:  Did another 2 min.  It’s getting a little easier to do.  May try upping my time here soon.

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Still hanging in there.  Sunday has always been a treat day for me but I need to watch because I did have dark chocolate yesterday.  I did allow for the extra calories so I didn’t feel too guilty but I still want to watch it today.

Today is beautiful out.  I’m not sure of the temperature but was hoping I could maybe walk outside.  We’ll see.

UPDATE:  Walked 8 min today.  Would have loved to have walked more but had to run an errand on my lunch break so just wasn’t possible.  Great news, I managed 3 min on the Elliptical instead of my usual 2 at a time.  Will continue adding minutes until I’m up to 15-Yeah!

2ND UPDATE:  Just added 2 more minutes w/the Elliptical, total 13 min!

3RD UPDATE 15 min!!!!

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Well here I am again!  Didn’t do so great w/Protein for breakfast because I decided to eat a 1/2 Bagel and 1 T Cream Cheese but I’m getting a slow start today and that was the quickest thing I could get.  Lots of chicken, cheese, turkey in the fridge though so getting protein in today will not be a problem 🙂

Of course I’ll do my Elliptical today and yes It’ll probably be in 2 min intervals!

UPDATE:  Yeah, got my 15 min in today!   I walked 13 min at work and then I just did 2 min on the Elliptical.  I’ll try to do more on the Elliptical tonight so should be more to come.

2ND UPDATE:  Did 5 min on the Elliptical.  Now I couldn’t do it all at once, had to do a 1 min session, then a few shorter sessions.  So grand total for today is 20 min!

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Day 3

Started the morning of right with my lovely Lavash Bread (made a Turkey sandwich).  Gosh I’m down to the last sheet.  I ended up cutting the bread into 1/3 instead of 1/2–still very filling.  Maybe I’ll cut the servings into 3’s in the future that way I’ll get 12 servings instead of 8.

I’m going to try to walk on my lunch break today and plan to get on the Elliptical tonight.  I’ll update w/exercise later today.

UPDATE:  I just spent 2 min on the Elliptical.  LOL, I know you pros out there are laughing your butts off that I can only do 2 min but boy that thing is hard!  My legs and arms are sore already and my heartrate was up to 145.  I’m just going to keep doing these short intervals until I get in my 15 min.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to walk today–I had to go to Walmart on my lunch break instead.  But that’s OK.  I’m eating good for today and plan on finishing up on the Elliptial tonight.

I’m still keeping that 21 day promise to myself of eating under 1800 calories, exercising at least 15 min/5 days a week, and logging in my journal daily and visiting 3FC’s each day. 

I haven’t really gotten on the scale yet.  My dear friend Tom came for a visit so this bloated girl doesn’t want to get near the scales at least for a few days.  LOL, I could really tell I was bloated this time around because my pants barely fit around my belly.  Oh well, I’m hoping next time Tom comes for a visit that those pants are loose and I won’t have that problem!

2nd UPDATE:  Did 4 more minutes on the Elliptical-no not all at once!  Had to do it in two session–total so far 6 min!!!!

DH did 1 min before he went to work and stated “Wow my legs hurt!”  We both agree, We’re really out of shape!!!  Ha ha ha.  Oh well, hopefully we’ll have dropped some pounds for spring/summer so we can enjoy ourselves and so some fun things this year.  We’ve never taken a vacation and I daydream about doing so many things:  jet skiing, swimming, going to a park.  Of course I get upset when I think about my weight.  I don’t even care how others think I look it’s how I FEEL about myself.  We all know what it’s like to go to a park and be terrified that we won’t fit in the seat!  My son is 5 yrs old and I don’t want him to think I can’t do things with him because of my weight.  I’m doing this for me, but I dream about how it’ll benefit my family too that they’ll have an ACTIVE wife and mother and not someone who just sits on the couch all day.

3RD UPDATE just did 3 more minutes! 9 min total!!!

4TH UPDATE wow I could only do 1 min that time so I’m now up to 10.

5TH UPDATE I did another 2 min.  Now up to 12.  Gosh I really don’t think I can manage more than 2 min at a time-at least for now.  It’s all about keeping it up and not giving up.

6TH UPDATE oh lord 2 more minutes up to 14!  I was going to push for that last min but my legs were getting all shaky.

7TH UPDATE well I finally got my 15 min in!

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Lavash Bread

Wow I am SO in love w/this bread.  Like I stated in my early post it’s a sheet-like a tortilla but low carb and it’s really saving me here!  My carbs have been way down in the past two days thanks to this miracle bread.  A great example is I had a regular 10 in Flour Tortilla which had a grand total of  27 carbs.  I had 2 servings of Lavash Bread (Serving=1/2 sheet, so 2 Servings is 1 HUGE sheet) and only had 7 cards for each servings for a grand total of 14 carbs in 2 servings.  Wow, I think that’s impressive.  Watching my blood sugar is always a priority since it tends to go low.  Carbs are worse for me than candy.  Candy taste all sugary in my mouth and I tend to stop eating because the sweetness becomes to much to taste, meanwhile high carbs like bread and pasta are so much easier to eat since they generally go down easier, but as soon as my body starts digesting them I go into sugar shock.  My blood sugar sky rockets then plummets.  About the only thing that helps is eating some peanut butter.

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