Start Your Diet Today!

Still easing back into this….

I just got past my birthday on Sunday.  Of course my 5 yr old son begged for a cake.  LOL, just what I needed.  So we made a chocolate cake together with homemade whipped topping.  I limited myself to once average sized piece.

I vowed today I would get back to work.  I made a homemade pot of soup (similar to cabbage soup, but not the cabbage soup diet).  I LOVE soup so I use it as a filler with my meals.  Nothing beats light grilled cheese and homemade soup!

I’m getting better with the walking too.  I just try to treat each day as a new opportunity.  If I don’t walk as much as I’d like I don’t beat myself up, I just accomplish what I can and keep at it.  I’m still walking at the mall-it’s getting easier because the holiday shoppers have cleared out so I can finally manage my way around. 

I’m kind of getting into that funk.  I’m wanting to lose weight so bad, and even though I’m not letting myself go I need a haircut and need new clothes.  “sigh” money is always tight so I hate to spend on myself especially when I want to go down some more sizes before I buy.  Hopefully the income tax return will be good enough to treat myself.  If not I am making a concious effort to save a little for myself each paycheck.  I DESERVE IT!


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