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Still easing back into this….

I just got past my birthday on Sunday.  Of course my 5 yr old son begged for a cake.  LOL, just what I needed.  So we made a chocolate cake together with homemade whipped topping.  I limited myself to once average sized piece.

I vowed today I would get back to work.  I made a homemade pot of soup (similar to cabbage soup, but not the cabbage soup diet).  I LOVE soup so I use it as a filler with my meals.  Nothing beats light grilled cheese and homemade soup!

I’m getting better with the walking too.  I just try to treat each day as a new opportunity.  If I don’t walk as much as I’d like I don’t beat myself up, I just accomplish what I can and keep at it.  I’m still walking at the mall-it’s getting easier because the holiday shoppers have cleared out so I can finally manage my way around. 

I’m kind of getting into that funk.  I’m wanting to lose weight so bad, and even though I’m not letting myself go I need a haircut and need new clothes.  “sigh” money is always tight so I hate to spend on myself especially when I want to go down some more sizes before I buy.  Hopefully the income tax return will be good enough to treat myself.  If not I am making a concious effort to save a little for myself each paycheck.  I DESERVE IT!

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Wow I’ve lost 3 lbs!

OK I’m still working on the 13 lbs of holiday weight gained.  I’m back on track eating right and easing back into the exercise routine.  Drum Roll Please….I’ve lost 3 lbs!  Now I’m only 10 lbs over from my pre holiday weight!  Yeah!

Like I said exercising is getting worked back into my schedule.  I’ve only been doing about 20 min a day on my lunch break but hey 20 min x 5 times a day is 100 min a week.  It’s definetly a start in the right direction, and I know as I get back into the swing of things I’ll add more minutes as I go along.

Hubby has been doing better.  His night gourging as signifigantly reduced.  I’ll keep my eye on him!

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Gained over the holiday

I told my husband firmly today that we are getting back into eating right.  He can choose to eat whatever he wants BUT he will eat what I choose to make for breakfast, dinner, etc.  LOL, he’s wondering why he’s been gaining weight so I showed him today.  I made him 4 pieces of sausage, 2 eggs cooked in cooking spray (no oil, butter), 2 slices of wheat bread, and 1 T Butter for the bread.  Grand total a little over 600 calories.  I then explained to him that previously he would eat DOUBLE that amount.  Seriously 1200 calories in one meal!  I told him from now on I am making him NORMAL portions of food, no more Hungryman sized meals.  If he choose to eat more than that I will not stop him but I also won’t aid him in overindulging.

Now for me, “sigh” I gained 13 lbs back in 2 months!  Now I will say I weighed myself today after breakfast with clothes on so I can give or take a pound or two.  Now the big question is, should I cry about it or move forward and work on losing that 13 again?!  Well, that’s a no branier, this girl is moving ahead!!!!!

I let Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrating get to me.  Gosh, I never had so many cookies, candies, etc. thrown at me than this year.  I can’t blame anyone though because I’m the one who ate it all.  No more though.  My sugar has been haywire for 2 mths and I know it’s because I made the wrong choices. 

Well today was my day to get it together.  For breakfast I had wheat bread, lean turkey ham, 1 slice of cheese, and lettuce to make a yummy sandwich.  Grand total calories about 250.  That’s a great way to start the morning.  I also started drinking a lot more liquid.  Funny thing when I start overeating I also forget to drink.  Guess I was too busy stuffing myself with food.

I’m starting off with small goals again.  For today and from here on out, I need to plan my menus again.  When I KNOW what I’m making ahead of time it keeps me focused.  Secondly, I need to start buying more veges.  It’s one thing to have a nice lean cut of meat in the fridge but when you have nothing to go with it it’s really easy to to just grab that box of Mac n Cheese and make something unhealthy.

My exercising has also become non existant.  I used to walk at my mall before work.  Well I was burning the candle at both ends trying to work my day shift and stay up later  to see my husband off for his night shift.  So the early morning routine came to a stop. I convinced myself it was no big deal because I could just walk on my lunch break.  OK, walking in the mall at noon during the holiday shopping sprees????  What was I thinking!  So I’m taking baby steps here.  If I can start going in early GREAT!  If that’s still too hard to manage than walking on my lunch break shouldn’t be as hard with the holidays behind us.  I have my new 2008 calendar so I’m ready to start logging my progress.

2008 will be a great year!

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