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My Generation. . . .

Are You From the “My Mom Cooks 6 Pies at One Time, Doctors Know Everything and Celebrities are the Best Fitness Instructors” Generation? 

I still am suprised when people go on a diet and stress out over “only” losing a pound or two a week.  Unfortunately I’m one of those people too.  What’s so bad about only losing a couple of pounds????

I started thinking back to my childhood and something came into perspective as to why we feel this way.

First off who doesn’t love mom?  She took care of us, nurtured us, helped us with our homework, and oh yeah she piled our plates with a pound each meat and potatoes and made us feel guilty when we didn’t finish her meals.  My mom was the kind who every Thanksgiving and Christmas had to make at least 6 pies for her family of 4.  I guess that gives us each an entire pie plus a couple extra in case we were felling particulary hungry that holiday.  Do I blame mom for making me fat.  Nope, I could of said no, but she made it pretty hard when she’d slaved all day to cook ((Sigh)) “Sure mom I need more mashed taters!”

Second thing I thought about was all the doctors I had seen over the years who tried to help me lose weight.  OK I was born in ’76 the heyday of diet pills and doctor monitored diets.  Did they have the concept right????  Sure they did, eat less lose weight.  Did they have the right tools and diet plan?   Ummm. . . NO!  Most of the diets I was on required you buy the doctor’s “special” vitamin pills and eat about 700 calories a day.  Great, I’d lost 14 lbs in two weeks, quite the diet out of pure frustration (not to mention near starvation) and gain 20 lbs back!

The last thing I thought about was the wonderful exercise videos that swept the nation.  Sure you can look like Jane Fonda if you do her workout.  Maybe I shouldn’t knock her videos because I never did them.  But seriously, did anyone consider that Jane Fonda came from a family of very lean people.  She had been thin her entire life and she’s going to tell us how to get thin?  Sorry I see no insperation in seeing a thin person get even thinner.


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