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Why is 1800 such an Interesting Number?

I like to keep my calories no lower than 1200 and no higher than 1800.  I figure these figures keep me in check.  Lately though I’ve been wanting to get as close to 1800 as I possibly can!  Why?  According to these websites that calculate calories needed based on height, weight, etc. I can eat up to 2600 to maintain and subtracting 750 each day would give me a 1-2 lb loss per week.  So seriously, why would I want to push my luck and take it to the absolute limit?  I’m a big “mini meal” eater and like to eat these meals every few hrs.  Today wasn’t too bad, I went over my calories by 150 calories but I’m not going to boo hoo about it.  Tomorrow is a new day and I can’t wait to get myself together.   First thing on my agenda is too plan my meals out for the day.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Bkfst:  1 Cup Lowfat Yogurt (100 cal) 1/2 cup High Fiber Cereal (85 cal)

Lunch:  Carrots (35 Cal) Broccoli (30 Cal) Cheese (110 Cal)

Dinner:  Chicken Breast (160 Cal) Baked Potato (145 Cal) Low
Fat Sour Cream (35 Cal)

This will take me to 700 calories and in addition I will allow 2 snacks which normall consists of things like Yogurt, Tosted Tortilla, Fruit, etc.  Let’s do it!


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