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Yup mine is way up in the air.  DH wanted to go out to eat yesterday and picked the restaurant, Ponderosa.  Hmmm. . .Ponderosa used to be OK in it’s heyday but I really think the prices are too high and the product not so good.  I went there and was determined to make good choices.  I chose the Montery Chicken (basically grilled chicken w/French Dressing poured on top) and a plain baked potato. DH and my son ate from the hot bar and I had a salad full of green, beets, chickpeas, diced ham, and their fat free dressing (blech).  I was impressed to see both sugar free cookes and a sugar free pistachio cake on the dessert bar so kudos for that (they weren’t bad). 

I did have some issues though.  First the hot bar “good choices” were a joke.  I saw both carrots and broccoli swimming in a gallon of water with butter floating at the top.  Ugh, when will people understand that these vegetables are delicious if you steam them or roast them!  Seriously, it’s hard to get people to eat their veges and you’re going to make them “less” appetizing???

Second, everything seemed to be swimming in butter/sauce.  I understand the masses like fat and sauces but they could have at least had a couple of good choices.  Potates were mashed in butter or deep fried wedgies.  Rice was greasy looking.  Pasta might have been OK but we ALL know how well pasta holds up under those hot lights! 

They did have Roasted Chicken but no breast just Thigh Meat w/the skin on.  I pulled off the skin but knew I was paying a heavy price for eating dark meat that was cooked in fat. 

All together I thought the food was mediocre.  DH loaded up on the fattening food them complained afterwards about how bad everything was and vowed we never go back!

I think my biggest issue though was w/the price.  There was 3 of us including myself, DH, and my 5 year old son who can eat for like 2.00.  Total w/tip was 30.00.  OK 10.00 a piece maybe doesn’t sound bad BUT I am el cheapo and couldn’t help but think of how many bags of chicken breast I could of bought or how many salads I could of made.

DH wanted to “treat” me by going out so I wouldn’t have to cook.  I think I’ll just make dinner next time!


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    jandcsmom said,

    October 11, 2007 @ 10:14 am

    I always feel the same way when we eat out! What a waste. I would rather eat a cheap salad at home and go buy some jeans, than spend money on “not so good” restaurant food!! LOL

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