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Beans Beans the Musical Fruit. . .

I posted earlier that I’ve been trying to incorperate more fiber into my diet and must say it’s definetly made a positive difference!  First off I was on a plateau for about 2 weeks, well 2 days after adding more fiber to my diet I lost 2 lbs!

I purchased some Bran Cereal, Canned Butter Beans, and Dried Split Peas.  I really don’t notice as much of a difference with the cereal but the beans fill me up so much!  I’ve been eating Beans Soup, Smashing Beans up and making yummy sandwiches, and just eating them straight out of the can and I’m loving it!

Oh I am a bit more gassy but nothing terrible.  I just made some homemade split pea soup (2 carrots diced, 1/2 onion diced, 2 stalks celery diced all sauted w/no stick spray over medium high heat until onions are transluscent.  Added 1 cup dried split peas, 4 cups water, and 1 chicken bouilion cube.  Turned down to medium just enough to keep a slow boil going on.  Added 1 piece of raw bacon for flavor.  Cooked for about 1-2 hrs until beans are soft.  Removed bacon.  Put 1/2 the soup in a chopper and purred and then added back to the soup pot and VOILA!  I haven’t crunched the numbers yet but think it’s pretty good for you.

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Do Numbers Really Matter?

I like to walk 7 days a week, it’s my ME time.  I’ve been so proud because not only do I walk more now than when I started, but I also walk longer and get more steps in on my walks.  Well today I walked around my local mall twice and completed 26 min before work (not bad for getting up at 6 AM just to accomplish this).  Well when I got the total from my stepper I realized I had ONLY completed about 118 steps per minute.  Previously I was up to 126 steps per minute.  Not a big deal-right?  Well for some reason it bugged me today.  For a brief moment I thought I took a step backwards.  Well, then I realized something, even though technically I didn’t walk as fast I was still breathing heavy from my walk and had worked up a nice sweat.  Well, I finally figured it out.  Even though my “head” was a little upset that I hadn’t walked quite as fast, my “body” didn’t know the difference.  Let’s face it, maybe today was just an off day for me and I couldn’t walk quite as fast but all my body knew was that I had walked, I had gotten my heart rate up, and I felt better for it!

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m still going to track my time and my steps.  LOL, I have to do this to keep myself in check.  Let’s face it, it’s OK to do a few steps less here and there but I need to make sure I’m not dropping down too low (LOL, great job Cristy you did 2 steps in 30 minutes!!!!!).  I’m just not going to get upset if I’m not “perfect” each time I do it.

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I’m such a Whiner

LOL, I was just whining that I had hit a plateau and guess what–I lost a pound!  Down to 231 now, just 2 lbs away from getting to the 220’s-oh yeah!  I did good today, I just ate a granola bar and didn’t feel a bit guilty eating so late because I’m still only at just under 1500 cal which is well within my goal.

We had a contest at work to see who could lose the most weight and who could lost the highest percentage of weight.  I know I was up there but not sure if I won.  Think they’ll let us know on Monday.  No matter I’m extremely proud that I lost a total of 19 lbs (I’ve since lost that other 1 lb!).

Goals for tomorrow, get up 1 hr early and go walking before work.  Try to keep my protein and fiber up.  LOL, I think the extra fiber has been helping me w/my plateau-feels so good to be REGULAR!

Oh oh almost forgot I wore an XL shirt today that the last time I put on was so tight around my belly I wouldn’t be caught dead in, well I put on this morning and it fits great, in fact I wore it to work today.

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Gosh plateaus are the worst!  You do great exercising and eating right and those numbers STILL won’t budge!  I made a weight loss faux pas and didn’t not take my measurements when I started and really wish I would have!

I’m not taking this lying down though.  Here’s my gameplan:

  1.  Maintain 1500-1800 calories per day, this is healthy.

  2.  Incorporate more fiber.  I need to “move” this food out of my body.  I just bought Bran Flakes, Lima Beans, and Split Peas to help me.

  3.  Try to exercise more.  I average 40-60 min of walking a day.  I’d like to get this up to 50-60 a day and then a solid 60 min in the weeks to come.

  4.  Drink more water.  I don’t monitor my water but I know I’m lacking here.  I just washed out some of my son’s 6 oz juice bottles and keep one with me-oh one moment please (((sip. . . .that was good))).

None of these goals are earth shattering or will “break” me.  I think they are totally obtainable in the weeks to come.

Go Cristy!

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Doing it for me.

Well I had my son on the school bus at 8 AM this morning and by 8:15 AM I was out walking at our neighborhood track.  I walked for 38 min and got in 2 miles-Yeah!!!!  This is such a milestone because when I first started my weight loss journey 2 months ago the days I was off from work were my “free” days from exercise.  Not anymore!

I think making small changes is the way to go.  Example, when I first started walking at the track I could only manage 2/3 of a mile, after a week I bumped it up to a full mile and did that for about 2 weeks, then I discovered a longer part of the trail and started doing 1.5 miles, I maintained that for a couple of weeks, and now for the past 2 days I’ve been doing 2 miles.  I’m proud of my accomplishments but don’t feel like I’m “killing” myself trying to maintain a routine. 

I’m also doing better at getting a 25, 45, 30 ratio on my fat, carbs, and protein.  I’m now at 33 fat, 38 carbs, and 30 protein.  My protein has been lacking over the past few weeks and carbs have been over so for today I’m doing pretty good.  Oh, I made a sandwich that was pretty yummy.  Took 1/4 of a Pita, smashed 1/2 cup butter beans and spread on top, and then sprinkled about 1/8 cup of mozzerella cheese on top.  I put under the broiler for a few min and yum!  Some would probably like more seasoning but I LOVE the taste of butter beans and I didn’t want to take away from that.

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19 lbs gone, I think I lost it all in my face!


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Where did my Blog go?

I know that Blogs will get deleted if they are over 45 days with no posts but I just posted in my about a month ago and “poof” I cannot find it-so here I am again!

I’m down 19 lbs which I am extremely proud of!  I started the week after the 4th of July so I’ve lost a little under 10 lbs a month-awesome!!!!

I recently uped my Fiber Intake.  I log my info into Fitday and I noticed that my carbs were going WAY over and my protein was too low so incorporating Higher Fiber and Higher Protein seemed the way to go.  I can’t believe I actually like Bran Flakes!

I just got done walking 2 miles tonight.  Whew do I feel great!  I also put on my size 18  pants that haven’t fit in over a year.  Prior to that I’ve been wearing these awful 3x pants with an elastic waist and I found out what they say is true “Wear the wrong size and it’ll make you look bigger and feel terrible about the way you look”  Amen to that brother!  I think I’ll have my DH take my picture tomorrow just to prove to myself that I’m looking better.


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