Start Your Diet Today!

Wow, another compliment!

Walking on my breaks and lunch at work are just routine for me now.  I had just come back from walking on my lunch break.  I was flushed, sweating lightly, and huffing and puffing.  One of my friends told me, Wow Cristy I never saw someone look so pretty after exercising-I know I was GLOWING after that compliment.  Ahhh. . . .what a nice thing to say!

Another ego boost.  Kmart has had their spring clothes on sale for awhile so lat week I picked up a pair of $4.00 pants in an XL.  I tried them on at home and felt like I was stuffing a turkey!  Well, I have to dress up for work tomorrow and guess what. . . . . they fit pretty good now!  Now don’t get me wrong I’m still doing a little of the shake, whattle, and roll to get into them but it’s nothing compared to last week!


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