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Fall is here and the Heat Rash is gone!

I love to walk.  I’ve been pushing myself for the past 3 months to walk faster and add additional steps as the weeks go on.  During the summer I’ve dealt with frizzy hair, sweating, and ruined make-up and have not been terribly concerned.  The one thing that has drove me nuts is a darn heat rash under my butt! 

LOL, the other day I was undressing in the bedroom and my DH was like “What is that on your a**???!!!  Here I am feeling good about losing 21 lbs and I’m waking around with basically a pimply butt-disgusting!

Great news though, fall is here, the temperature is dropping, and I’m not sweating in those “nether regions”  nearly as much.  My bottom is now nearly clear-YEAH!!!!  Betcha DH will talk more favorably about my behind now!


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