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Wish I was more sympathetic

It’s been such a challenge getting my eating under control.  Basically I’ve had to relearn to eat just like many of you.  Everyday I have to “think” before I put something in my mouth.  Just today I popped an Animal Cracker in my mouth only to realize a serving of 6 pieces-yes I said 6!-is over 100 calories-YIKES!

Anyway, I work hard at my eating and make sure I exercise each day.  I read labels, make hard food choices, and some days force myself to walk anywhere from 45-60+ minutes a day.  I don’t ask for recognition, glory, or praise for what I do.  I’m doing this for me-I want to lose weight and be healthy.

You’d think since I’m working so hard at this that I’d be more sympthatic to my DH’s struggles but I’m just NOT!  I’m not trying to be rude or put him down, but around the time I said I wanted to eat right and be healthy he made some tenative commitments to try to.  I’ve given him links to FitDay, The Presidential Challenge, and even 3FatChicks but he did nothing with these tools-OK that’s his choice. 

I started exercising by walking at a local track.  I never pressured him to come with me but on 2 different occassions he’s asked me to please put off my early morning walk so we can go together instead in the evening.  He walked with me once and that was it.  I even told him that in the future I was keeping my morning routine and if he chose to go in the evening too I would come but under no circumstances would I break my routine again.  I know it sounds harsh but I can’t risk falling off the wagon just because he’s too tired to come with me.

The last thing I’d like to complain about is HIS complaints about his own eating habits.  OK, here’s an example.  I made a fairly nutritious dinner tonight.  I lightly breaded fresh chicken breast in bread crumbs and lightly fried them in about 1 T of EVOO and then baked them in the oven just a sprinkling of mozzerella cheese and some marinara sauce.  We also had pasta on the side.  I made him a very ample plate of food and once he was done he wanted more.  That’s fine I’m not going to judge that but as soon as he was done eating he started complaining to me about eating that second plate!  He kept mock complaining that I should have never fed him another plate.  Last time I checked he is a big boy and can make those decisions on his own. 

He’s now lightly dozing on the couch too full to even move.

Now before you ask I’ll answer these questions myself:

Cristy, have you ever overate?  YES!

Cristy, have you ever promised yourself you would exercise and didn’t?  YES!

Cristy, have you ever tried dieting and just couldn’t do it?  YES, YES, YES!!!

I really wish I could extend more sympathy to him.  It’s not that I’m not really sympathetic to his struggles-I am!  I just think he’s not ready to lose weight yet.  I just wish he would realize this too.  I truly think something has to click in your own mind to motivate you to lose weight.  No one can make another person lose weight.

I know as he continues to struggle with his weight issues I’ll be there to support him.  Writing this down in black and white really helps.  In the meantime I’m going continue on my weight loss journey and I’ll pray for his too!


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