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My son started kindergarten this year and I’m going through that wonderful faze, one moment being excited that he’s starting his education, worried that I’m not there to watch over him, and scared he’ll get teased like me at school.

Now my son is a beanpole.  Can’t pinch an inch on him and he’s very active.  Recently I’ve become concerned though.  I try to purchase what I think is nutritious meals for him.  Let’s face it, sometime a 5 year old is just not going to eat the Chicken Diane I made for supper, so I by him Spaghetti O’s, Ravioli, and such.  Well, I’m checking out the label the other day and it’s 200 cal a serving.  Of course a can is anywhere from to 2 – 2.5 servings.  Well, of course I empty the entire an out for him!  I’m sorry but one can of Spaghetti O’s doesn’t look like a lot to me!  I also bought him pop tarts to pack in his lunch for a snack.  I only give him one but ONE is a serving!  One Serving is also 200 calories!  Honestly, I may as well pack the chocolate cake and buttercream frosting in his lunch and the nutritional value would probably be the same!  How do these companies market these things to seem “better” than outright junk food when really they’re not!  OK maybe there are a “few” more vitamins here and there but enough to make them “health food”.  I’m determined to get him better food. 

I just don’t want my son going through what I went through growing up.  Gosh I was so depressed about my weight, to the point I would eat more to drown in my sorrows!  Please God let me do better w/him!


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    kaw16 said,

    September 11, 2007 @ 6:44 pm

    I posted what really amounts to a comment to this post on my blog, 16 by 40. (The comment boils down to “me too.” 🙂 )

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