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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I post another 2 lbs loss!  I’m now 227.5!  I can’t wait to lose some more inches.  My size 18 pants still feel snug in some brands so I can’t wait to fit them comfortably.

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Too soon to Experiment?

I save enough calories yesterday to splurge and eat a 200 calorie pack of Oreo Cookies.  I tend to eat these “funny” yes, I like to pull them apart but generally do not like the cream filling (ugh, powdered sugar and shortening!!!) but I did eat the cream so I could have the full effect.  Well, I ate my pack, didn’t feel very good, and to boot it took me 15 min to brush the chocolate gunk out of my teeth.

Afterwards I thought of some things I could of ate instead, like 2 containers of my 100 calorie yogurt (8 oz each!), a nice open faced chicken sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce and lite dressing, or a full 1 1/2 cups of my yummy split pea soup. 

Lesson learned, it’s OK to indulge once in a while but let’s get real and eat some good food!

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Finally hit the 220’s . . .

OK it’s only 229.5 but I’m still thrilled!  My motivation isn’t wavering but it’s been tough these past few days.  First off I’m so poor and we’re low on groceries and “gulp” I’ve been forced to eat some things I wouldn’t normally eat.  I ate a baked potato yesterday w/cottage cheese and yes I know that doesn’t sound bad but it made my sugar go up and then down.  It wasn’t bad but I had a mild low blood sugar incident.  I had to lay on the couch, didn’t have any peanut butter to eat (which really helps in those situations), so I ate 3 malted milk balls (left over from months ago), and got smart and decided to have bran cereal, skim milk, and some Equal.  I get paid tomorrow though so this girl will definetly be getting some better foods to eat.  In the meantime I’m just trying to do everything in moderation.  Wish me luck!

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Wow, another compliment!

Walking on my breaks and lunch at work are just routine for me now.  I had just come back from walking on my lunch break.  I was flushed, sweating lightly, and huffing and puffing.  One of my friends told me, Wow Cristy I never saw someone look so pretty after exercising-I know I was GLOWING after that compliment.  Ahhh. . . .what a nice thing to say!

Another ego boost.  Kmart has had their spring clothes on sale for awhile so lat week I picked up a pair of $4.00 pants in an XL.  I tried them on at home and felt like I was stuffing a turkey!  Well, I have to dress up for work tomorrow and guess what. . . . . they fit pretty good now!  Now don’t get me wrong I’m still doing a little of the shake, whattle, and roll to get into them but it’s nothing compared to last week!

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Fall is here and the Heat Rash is gone!

I love to walk.  I’ve been pushing myself for the past 3 months to walk faster and add additional steps as the weeks go on.  During the summer I’ve dealt with frizzy hair, sweating, and ruined make-up and have not been terribly concerned.  The one thing that has drove me nuts is a darn heat rash under my butt! 

LOL, the other day I was undressing in the bedroom and my DH was like “What is that on your a**???!!!  Here I am feeling good about losing 21 lbs and I’m waking around with basically a pimply butt-disgusting!

Great news though, fall is here, the temperature is dropping, and I’m not sweating in those “nether regions”  nearly as much.  My bottom is now nearly clear-YEAH!!!!  Betcha DH will talk more favorably about my behind now!

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Wish I was more sympathetic

It’s been such a challenge getting my eating under control.  Basically I’ve had to relearn to eat just like many of you.  Everyday I have to “think” before I put something in my mouth.  Just today I popped an Animal Cracker in my mouth only to realize a serving of 6 pieces-yes I said 6!-is over 100 calories-YIKES!

Anyway, I work hard at my eating and make sure I exercise each day.  I read labels, make hard food choices, and some days force myself to walk anywhere from 45-60+ minutes a day.  I don’t ask for recognition, glory, or praise for what I do.  I’m doing this for me-I want to lose weight and be healthy.

You’d think since I’m working so hard at this that I’d be more sympthatic to my DH’s struggles but I’m just NOT!  I’m not trying to be rude or put him down, but around the time I said I wanted to eat right and be healthy he made some tenative commitments to try to.  I’ve given him links to FitDay, The Presidential Challenge, and even 3FatChicks but he did nothing with these tools-OK that’s his choice. 

I started exercising by walking at a local track.  I never pressured him to come with me but on 2 different occassions he’s asked me to please put off my early morning walk so we can go together instead in the evening.  He walked with me once and that was it.  I even told him that in the future I was keeping my morning routine and if he chose to go in the evening too I would come but under no circumstances would I break my routine again.  I know it sounds harsh but I can’t risk falling off the wagon just because he’s too tired to come with me.

The last thing I’d like to complain about is HIS complaints about his own eating habits.  OK, here’s an example.  I made a fairly nutritious dinner tonight.  I lightly breaded fresh chicken breast in bread crumbs and lightly fried them in about 1 T of EVOO and then baked them in the oven just a sprinkling of mozzerella cheese and some marinara sauce.  We also had pasta on the side.  I made him a very ample plate of food and once he was done he wanted more.  That’s fine I’m not going to judge that but as soon as he was done eating he started complaining to me about eating that second plate!  He kept mock complaining that I should have never fed him another plate.  Last time I checked he is a big boy and can make those decisions on his own. 

He’s now lightly dozing on the couch too full to even move.

Now before you ask I’ll answer these questions myself:

Cristy, have you ever overate?  YES!

Cristy, have you ever promised yourself you would exercise and didn’t?  YES!

Cristy, have you ever tried dieting and just couldn’t do it?  YES, YES, YES!!!

I really wish I could extend more sympathy to him.  It’s not that I’m not really sympathetic to his struggles-I am!  I just think he’s not ready to lose weight yet.  I just wish he would realize this too.  I truly think something has to click in your own mind to motivate you to lose weight.  No one can make another person lose weight.

I know as he continues to struggle with his weight issues I’ll be there to support him.  Writing this down in black and white really helps.  In the meantime I’m going continue on my weight loss journey and I’ll pray for his too!

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Another Small Goal

I haven’t lost anything this week but believe me I’m NOT discouraged at all!  Today is my day off from work and yeah it would be really easy to sit at home and not move but that’s not just me anymore (that’s the OLD me!).  I walked to today at my local track and there’s a pretty steep hill I have to climb.  Well, when I first started walking there about 2-3 mths ago as I would walk up the hill I had to lean forward (basically looked like I was kissing my feet) to get up that hill.  Geez, It felt like I was having a coronary everytime I’d go up that hill.  Well for 2 days now I’ve been walking up the hill and no longer have to lean forward!  I walk it upright and I don’t feel like I’m going to die in the process!

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Let Them Eat Cake!

My son started kindergarten this year and I’m going through that wonderful faze, one moment being excited that he’s starting his education, worried that I’m not there to watch over him, and scared he’ll get teased like me at school.

Now my son is a beanpole.  Can’t pinch an inch on him and he’s very active.  Recently I’ve become concerned though.  I try to purchase what I think is nutritious meals for him.  Let’s face it, sometime a 5 year old is just not going to eat the Chicken Diane I made for supper, so I by him Spaghetti O’s, Ravioli, and such.  Well, I’m checking out the label the other day and it’s 200 cal a serving.  Of course a can is anywhere from to 2 – 2.5 servings.  Well, of course I empty the entire an out for him!  I’m sorry but one can of Spaghetti O’s doesn’t look like a lot to me!  I also bought him pop tarts to pack in his lunch for a snack.  I only give him one but ONE is a serving!  One Serving is also 200 calories!  Honestly, I may as well pack the chocolate cake and buttercream frosting in his lunch and the nutritional value would probably be the same!  How do these companies market these things to seem “better” than outright junk food when really they’re not!  OK maybe there are a “few” more vitamins here and there but enough to make them “health food”.  I’m determined to get him better food. 

I just don’t want my son going through what I went through growing up.  Gosh I was so depressed about my weight, to the point I would eat more to drown in my sorrows!  Please God let me do better w/him!

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Am I selfish

I bought a container of Low Fat Cottage Cheese the other day.  Yes, I bought it all for myself.  My DH is not on a diet, I buy him plenty of other foods, and being the good wife that I am I get him both indulgent and healthy foods to choose from.  So, why did I wake up the other morning and find an “empty” Cottage Cheese Container?  He ate it all in one pop, yes a huge container that would have lasted me WEEKS!  I didn’t say anything but boy is it so much to ask.  I buy myself so little when it comes to material possessions leave my cottage cheese alone!

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Took 20 lbs to get my first compliment (actually two!)

Today I wore a size XL top and 18 pants that I haven’t fit into in awhile.  A friend at work gave me the shirt and she was thrilled to see me wearing it for the first time (she gave it to me about 5 mths ago) I explained it didn’t fit when I got it but it does now!  The pants were a little snug around the waist but definetly fit comforably enough to wear.  Another friend took me aside and said “Cristy your legs look so long and slim!”  Thank u very much everyone!

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