It’s Complicated – 258 lbs

Wishing it was that easy….

So, I went off my reflux meds and relapsed and got back on them but it turns out that my insurance company would only let me have half the strength I had been taking.  I figured this out a week after going back on the pills when they were working intermittently and I finally checked the dosage and discovered it was for 20mgs instead of the 40 I had been taking.  Turns out my insurance company is not going to pay unless I go through a lengthy appeals process and win.  My doc wrote me a script for the name brand, Nexium, but it was fifty frickin’ dollars a pop and it turns out my insurance company will ixnay that after 90 days. All things considered, I figure it would be easier to just quit taking the drugs and make MAJOR diet/lifestyle changes to compensate for their loss than deal with the hassle of trying to get them paid for when I really don’t want to take them anyway.

I have come up with a plan of action which involves careful food choices and not eating past 5ish in the PM.  I have been trying this out for a week and it seems to be working.  I was feeling pretty ill when I started (ate something spicy and cheesy which prompted me to investigate the dosage info on my prescription after I got sick).  A diet to control reflux is a lot more restricted than a diet for someone taking the meds.  No chocolate, caffeine, or mint which relax the LES.  No greasy or spicy foods which ramp up production of stomach acid.

I think I am going to be better off in the long run and it has really helped me manage my eating in general since I am not eating at night.  I actually finish eating for the day before I get home on most days.  I am taking 2 vegan Boca burger sandwiches and that is my basic food when eating away from home.  I have also been eating bananas and had some green beans tonight.  I need to cook some stuff ahead to take but haven’t gotten around to it.

I am eating two scrambled eggs and 2 oz of cheese on two slices of toast for breakfast each day.  My food intake is basically and inverted pyramid and I eat the Boca sandwiches and other stuff in small mini-meals throughout the day.  By the night, I am satisfied and have not felt hungry yet.

Weightwise, my weight shot back up to 262 and then down to 255.5 and back to 258.  Overall, my reflux diet plan is lower in calories and more structured than the way I was eating and I am hoping to get more good results.

I am learning to research food and other stuff that I put into my body carefully.  Did you know that eucalyptus oil and menthol aggravate reflux and so most cold lozenges are off limits.  Halls makes a non-mentholated lozenge (Breezers)  which do the trick.    I am working hard to make lemonade out of this situation… just can’t drink it.  Citrus fruits and juice are a reflux no-no!