Gym Again

I went back to the gym yesterday. (sound of hearty back-patting)  Good warm-up on treadmill (I burned almost 50 pounds (I wish) I mean calories in a little more than 10 minutes).  The nautilus circuit went much smoothly and I even felt a little sore this morning (not working today and slept in till 9 AM so it might have been that I stayed in bed, too long, but whatever).  I am washing my gym “pants” that I got at Goodwill, my first stop for shopping; a nice roomy pair of heavy-duty, black jersey-knit longish capris.  Still learning my way around the place.   I really appreciate Jen Lancaster’s book, Such a Pretty Fat.  Inspires me not to give in to self-consciousness but to keep plugging away and “get ‘er done.”

Weighed on the Wi Fit and lost 4 pounds from last time I weighed (24 days ago).  Weight is 262.   Feel like I am at a starting point.  I have been eating a lot of natural, organic foods, and cutting back on eating out and I really want to do this without “Franken Foods” this time.  I lost weight on WW in ’01 but ate a lot of fat-free, fake stuff and I feel like I need to eat “clean” stuff and set a pattern for life-long healthy eating this time.

I am tempted to try WW online.  I did lose on WW before but am not interested in all the prefab food stuff that is a big part of a lot of WW dieters arsenals.  I guess I can poke around the WW boards and see if there are folks trying to lose on this kind of diet.  All those frozen meals and pre-packaged small portions are not environmentally friendly.  I want to be lean and green.  Is that too much to ask?  I don’t think so!