263.4 Re Re Again + Fitbit and Lose It: Never Give Gonna Give [me] Up

I’m baaaaack!  It is official.  I am done with WW.  It does not work for me.  I just haven’t followed through on the online version and I am tired of paying for something I don’t use.  I have been good about weighing myself but tracking points… not so good.

Still I refuse to give up.  I must “health” (not going to use that D word) or die trying… literally.  I started using the Lose It app on my iPad last week and just got a Fitbit.  Using the Lose It app was very easy especially scanning the foods I ate.  Restaurant meals are trickier and I think there is more chance to fudge on calories.  Speaking of calories.  I really like the way it uses calories and not “points” which WW seems to change the calculation formula of periodically.  Calories are calories.

I am going to try using the Fitbit to try to increase my mobility.  Bottom line:  6 months of WW vs price of Fitbit.  I am willing to try it since exercise is such a challenge for me and I know that that is my downfall.  I was going to the gym until various life changes threw me off track (or I let them throw me off track).  Bottom line:  not going to stop trying. : D

Promise to Myself

gym today after work

Weighing In at 259.5

I weighed on the Wii on Monday and I lost 2.4 pounds.  Feels good to see the numbers coming down.  I went to the gym three time last week and walked over 10 minutes on the tread mill and completed two Nautilus circuits each time.  I was working on a third Nautilus circuit on Sunday but had to stop halfway because it was closing time.

I am noticing a significant decrease in my general arthritis-y  achiness and an increase in my mood.  I quit taking the Omeprazole and just eat four generic Tums before bed (which is elevated 3.5 inches BTW – need another piece of wood to get it up to six).  One med down, two to go (Lisonopril and water pill, both for HBP, are the other two I am hoping to drop).  If I can kick the drugs, I will save $27.00 per month which is more than half of my monthly gym fee.  I figure the gym will pay for itself if it saves me money in medical costs.

I am really encouraged to keep up the good work because I read that one of the latest theories on why obesity is so bad for me is that it triggers inflammation which in turn triggers an array of health issues; cancer, diabetes, etc.  This theory says that exercise actually acts as an anti-inflammatory and that sounds like just what I need. Article on this issue.

So, “Go Me!”  To the gym that is.  Went on Sunday and plan to go tonight and Friday after work and again on next Sunday.

Gym Again

I went back to the gym yesterday. (sound of hearty back-patting)  Good warm-up on treadmill (I burned almost 50 pounds (I wish) I mean calories in a little more than 10 minutes).  The nautilus circuit went much smoothly and I even felt a little sore this morning (not working today and slept in till 9 AM so it might have been that I stayed in bed, too long, but whatever).  I am washing my gym “pants” that I got at Goodwill, my first stop for shopping; a nice roomy pair of heavy-duty, black jersey-knit longish capris.  Still learning my way around the place.   I really appreciate Jen Lancaster’s book, Such a Pretty Fat.  Inspires me not to give in to self-consciousness but to keep plugging away and “get ‘er done.”

Weighed on the Wi Fit and lost 4 pounds from last time I weighed (24 days ago).  Weight is 262.   Feel like I am at a starting point.  I have been eating a lot of natural, organic foods, and cutting back on eating out and I really want to do this without “Franken Foods” this time.  I lost weight on WW in ’01 but ate a lot of fat-free, fake stuff and I feel like I need to eat “clean” stuff and set a pattern for life-long healthy eating this time.

I am tempted to try WW online.  I did lose on WW before but am not interested in all the prefab food stuff that is a big part of a lot of WW dieters arsenals.  I guess I can poke around the WW boards and see if there are folks trying to lose on this kind of diet.  All those frozen meals and pre-packaged small portions are not environmentally friendly.  I want to be lean and green.  Is that too much to ask?  I don’t think so!


Yesterday I went to the gym (cue dramatic music).  I went last Friday and had one of my free sessions with a personal trainer to get an overview of the machines (Nautilus).  Yesterday, I finally went back for my first real workout.

Started very slow with about 12 minutes on the treadmill to warm up and then did the circuit of machines twice, with eight reps each, as recommended by the trainer, a cool lady, upper 50’s to early 60’s. It was very encouraging that there are a lot of older folks with equally flabby parts using this gym.  It is all about getting fit to live rather than trying to look hot.  I saw an obit in today’s paper for a woman who is 59 and she had a really fat face and an unhappy expression.  I have a co-worker who is now walking with a cane (same age range).  My weight is my one and only health risk.  It is the root of all my other growing problems, escalating BP, arthritis, reflux, etc.

One of the best things about going to the gym last night was that I went there instead of eating a big ole greasy burger at 5 Guys.  For some reason every Friday I have this overwhelming urge to go out and have a big ole burger meal or go to Moe’s for a naked burrito and chips or some other equally calorie-laden indulgence.  It felt good to go to the gym. which is paid for instead of spending money (or getting my husband to spend money) on eating out.

I know it was a baby step cause it was the first time in a long time, but that is what it takes.  Alot of baby steps will get me where I am going better than a sprint and a cop out.  Easy does it.  : )


Had a serious lapse of judgement last night and ate crap at a McDonald’s drive-thru.  I was hungry and tired and feeling kind of  _________(fill in the blanks with a feeling that is not really all that bad but not all that good) and I just turned in and got some sh!# in a bag and a big ole high fructose-filled drink.  Blahhhhh!  So gross. I think the Imp of the Perverse of dieting came out to poke at my resolve.  Back, back, I say!

Got to admit that when I am stressed I tend to eat and sometimes I eat lousy food.  I have really been working on NOT eating crappy food for the last two years so it is kind of a drag to just have a relapse like that.  But yesterday is now in the past and we are moving forward.  (Later I watched a really good film, [email protected] http://www.foxsearchlight.com/youngatheart/,  about older people in a choral group.  Most of them were not morbidly obese just a little padded in places.  It was very inspiring and also makes me feel I am on the right road, just trying to get healthy rather than trying to get “thin”.)

Bought the 8th Edition of Corine Netzer’s Food Counts today and began a serious tally of my calories.  I picked it up at BN along with some other goodies; Elaine Pagel’s latest, Escape From Freedom by Fromm, and Jenna Jamison’s bio.  What can I say?  My taste is really broad.  : )  So today was a pretty good day.  I ate a piece of my daughter’s birthday cake that put my count up too high for losing but it was a really good cake (from a real bakery) and I ate the 5 veggies including a sweet potato.

Next up:  stop by the gym next to my job and check it out.  I am really trepidatious about joining.  Afraid I won’t follow through.  Time to pull out my inner Yoda cause like he said, “There is no try.”  To quote another master of wisdom, “Git ‘er done!”

Click here to see Young @ Heart sing I Wanna Be Sedated.  So awesome!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de2vnEkFZM8&NR=1