Weighing In at 259.5

I weighed on the Wii on Monday and I lost 2.4 pounds.  Feels good to see the numbers coming down.  I went to the gym three time last week and walked over 10 minutes on the tread mill and completed two Nautilus circuits each time.  I was working on a third Nautilus circuit on Sunday but had to stop halfway because it was closing time.

I am noticing a significant decrease in my general arthritis-y  achiness and an increase in my mood.  I quit taking the Omeprazole and just eat four generic Tums before bed (which is elevated 3.5 inches BTW – need another piece of wood to get it up to six).  One med down, two to go (Lisonopril and water pill, both for HBP, are the other two I am hoping to drop).  If I can kick the drugs, I will save $27.00 per month which is more than half of my monthly gym fee.  I figure the gym will pay for itself if it saves me money in medical costs.

I am really encouraged to keep up the good work because I read that one of the latest theories on why obesity is so bad for me is that it triggers inflammation which in turn triggers an array of health issues; cancer, diabetes, etc.  This theory says that exercise actually acts as an anti-inflammatory and that sounds like just what I need. Article on this issue.

So, “Go Me!”  To the gym that is.  Went on Sunday and plan to go tonight and Friday after work and again on next Sunday.