Had a serious lapse of judgement last night and ate crap at a McDonald’s drive-thru.  I was hungry and tired and feeling kind of  _________(fill in the blanks with a feeling that is not really all that bad but not all that good) and I just turned in and got some sh!# in a bag and a big ole high fructose-filled drink.  Blahhhhh!  So gross. I think the Imp of the Perverse of dieting came out to poke at my resolve.  Back, back, I say!

Got to admit that when I am stressed I tend to eat and sometimes I eat lousy food.  I have really been working on NOT eating crappy food for the last two years so it is kind of a drag to just have a relapse like that.  But yesterday is now in the past and we are moving forward.  (Later I watched a really good film, [email protected],  about older people in a choral group.  Most of them were not morbidly obese just a little padded in places.  It was very inspiring and also makes me feel I am on the right road, just trying to get healthy rather than trying to get “thin”.)

Bought the 8th Edition of Corine Netzer’s Food Counts today and began a serious tally of my calories.  I picked it up at BN along with some other goodies; Elaine Pagel’s latest, Escape From Freedom by Fromm, and Jenna Jamison’s bio.  What can I say?  My taste is really broad.  : )  So today was a pretty good day.  I ate a piece of my daughter’s birthday cake that put my count up too high for losing but it was a really good cake (from a real bakery) and I ate the 5 veggies including a sweet potato.

Next up:  stop by the gym next to my job and check it out.  I am really trepidatious about joining.  Afraid I won’t follow through.  Time to pull out my inner Yoda cause like he said, “There is no try.”  To quote another master of wisdom, “Git ‘er done!”

Click here to see Young @ Heart sing I Wanna Be Sedated.  So awesome!