Lost Weekend (Weeks)

252.5  Weighed last Friday and my weight was up.  Then I proceeded to have a series of indulgent days and nights; celebratory Japanese meal with co-workers, lunch with family at gourmet burger joint, stroopwaffle and kettlecorn snacking.  I engaged in comfort eating last week which is why I didn’t lose and don’t expect to lose this week after all the eating and lack of exercise.  I tried to start over this past Sunday but yesterday I ate crap.  I am also not going to the gym.

I am in exactly the kind of place where I began to re-gain all the weight that I lost the last time I did WW.  Stress eating is my downfall.  I am trying to look at this as an opportunity to confront this issue.  I have reset my weigh in day so that tomorrow I start a new week.  I plan to start over.  I did this when I quit smoking over 10 years ago.  I relapsed and then I just went on not smoking.  I can do this.  I believe in myself.

I have to give myself some credit because the only thing I have gotten at a drive-through window during this whole two week episode is an unsweetened Ice tea.  That is progress.  I ams staying home tomorrow but will go to the gym Friday after work.  I can do this thing; take care of myself no matter how stressful and crazy my work/life is.  I have to do this because it is the most important thing.

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