Archive for March 13th, 2011

Looking Up

251.9  Good progress this week.  Watching the “points” count paid off.  Super tired today after springing forward but resisted urge to stop for drive-thru take-out bs food, didn’t make a pit stop at the gas station for a Big Grab of Fritos, didn’t turn off to go to DQ for a big ass vanilla cone, pull into 5 Guys for a little burger with a “small” fries, or pause for any of the other food “rewards” I have given myself in the past.  Went home and had a boca burger (precooked and seasoned – smart of me!) on a toasted flat round and a chocolate Luna bar (nutritious alternative treat) and stayed on course.  Woo hoo!

Got to keep in mind that food is fuel not a reward or a way to “pleasure” myself after a hard day.  Relaxing is a reward.  On track for another good week and that feels like a reward in itself.  I have finally lost 20 lbs and it has taken a year and been a step forward step back kind of thing but that is okay as long as ultimately my cumulative motion is forward.  Yay me!