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Progress: One Foot in Front of the Other

Friday weigh-in:  255.8.  Got to give Weight Watchers props for helping point out where I pick up a lot of calories; carbs, even though I have cut my carb intake bigtime in the last year, and fats – too much cheese.

Now I am eating 1 oz of cheese a day, a real cheese, where I was eating 4 or more ounces.  I was vegan for a year or so, but going back to dairy is really easy for me because I LOVE cheese.  I am weighing and measuring and last night really struggled not to engage in recreational eating.  I love to have that sweet nightly treat.  Choices, choices.  Just have to make one at a time.

Doing the Kinect workout thing with Your Shape:  Fitness Evolved plus trying to get back to the gym regularly.  I feel like I have a lot of pieces I need for creating the kind of healthy lifestyle that I want and I am figuring out how to put them together.

Break Down: New Start

Okay so I lost 20 lbs last year and gained 8 back and now I am down 3 at 257.  Day before yesterday, I was driving home from work feeling stressed (I have not going to the gym regularly which is an awesome mental boost after about 20 minutes of exercise).  Thought I would have a decaf coffee at Starbucks for a treat, and the one I stopped at is right by a Panera Bread where they have awesome orange scones, so I was thinking, because I have done it before, how much awesomer it would be to have that venti Caramel Macchiatto and *with* an orange scone.  The little voice of reason in the back of my head is going, “Wait, wait wait!”   So I sat there in my car and used my cell phone to join WW Online and went on through the Starbucks drive-through and got the coffee but did not get extra caramel and whipped cream so that was better and went on my way.

Yesterday was the first day of putting in all my points for the day.  Surprise or really, no surprise, my idea of eating sensibly was just a few points shy of double the points allowance for the entire day thanks to my dairy intake (been lovin’ the cheese).   I actually was surprised, though. so I am rethinking what I eat.

Today I officially weighed and started my first official week.  I really didn’t want to go back to WW because I arced and crashed over a two year period the last time I did it.  I figure it worked last time.  If I can ramp my gym going back up and keep the eating sensible.

The good is that I weigh less than I did a year ago so I am starting from a good place.  Going to try and keep everything in perspective.  WW is not a magic bullet.  It is a tool.  I tried to be all gung ho and go to meetings and listen to the talk about food last time.  I felt like it was too food obsessed.

I think some things have changed.  Seems like there is more support for eating natural foods.  Last time I ate a lot of pre-packaged and frankenfood crap because it was “low in points”.  I am going to keep eating quality food, just stuff that is lower in fat and simple carbs.