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Things are back on track! July 13, 2012

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So I hit 203 this morning. 77 pounds down. Man this weightloss has been slow,but it’s completely my own fault lately. I’m finally down a little,and now I’m going to have to be really careful this weekend. I have a bachelorette party to attend Saturday it’s an all day over night thing. And food is being prepared by others. This keeps happening to me!!!!!! Hence the slow weight loss lately! I also have been really good with the purging. Did it once this week. Which lately….. That’s a victory. Hoping to have an entire week free of it next week. I’ve kicked this problem before,I can do it again! I know my triggers,and I have to stay away from that! Anywhoooo,that’s about it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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