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Gettin back on track July 6, 2012

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So this week has gone pretty well with the eating. It usually does go well. I’m determined to be disciplined this weekend. I lost 2 of the 3 pounds I gained over the I’m feeling alright with that. Now I just need to get under 200 pounds. Seems crazy that I started this journey at 280 pounds and being under 200 is in my sights. 6 pounds to go! Now,the key is to smarten up. Go back to the basics,and stop purging. Which I have done pretty well with this week. I think I only did it twice. This is a victory. When I started WW I completely stopped doing it for months. And I lost the most weight at that time. So….. I need to follow the same rules I set for myself in the beginning. I can do this and get out of this slump I’m in.!


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