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Sleep,work,work,sleep May 30, 2012

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So for exactly a week that is how my days have gone…. I go to work,then go do work at our new house. Come home shower,then straight to bed. Eating has not been a priority at all. There is just no time for food. Lol. Oh,and the husband and I have tried to fit in baby making there somewhere lol. That just feels like an extra chore right now.  We are coming in on the home stretch of the renos. Flooring is all in. Painting is all done. With the exception of one hallway. Baseboards are all painted. Light fixtures are in. We still have to paint and sand the doors. Sand and paint the kitchen cabinets. And a million more things. But the main stuff is all done! So hopefully we can start moving our furniture in so I can clean and pack,in our current house. We have until Friday to get out. So we’re cutting it close. I’m not gonna lie,the fact that I haven’t had an accurate weigh in for a while,gives me a little anxiety. I like to know how much I weigh every single day!!!!!! It holds me accountable. I am also curious to know if I’ve lost anything from all this activity and lack of food! Although lack of food generally doesn’t work for me with the weight loss. Oh well…. I will get batteries soon!


Ok… Time for new batteries May 29, 2012

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So I finally thought to weigh myself this morning. Unfortunately,I think my batteries are officially on their way out!!!!! So I dont know how accurate my weight was this morning. I had to be fast when stepping on the scale,as to see the reading before it turned back off. It said 214. But I know I didn’t gain 2 pounds. If anything I should’ve lost 2 pounds. I should’ve looked to see what kind of batteries the scale needs. As I’m at work with nothing to do right now,I very well could’ve stopped by the store to pick up some batteries. I would be a little disappointed if my weight has actually gone up. Cause,I have been doing house renos since last Wednesday. I should be burning significantly more calories than I have been taking in! So I’m ignoring the number on the scale from this morning. As I really do not think that that is a reliable number. On a good note,my husband works construction and he’s having a rain day off today,so at least he can work on getting in the flooring all day today. That will be exciting to have that done. Dang,these house renos were fun at first,now I’m just sick of them lol. I just want to get everything in order and actually move in now!!!!! We have until friday to get everything done. So the crunch is on. I think when this is all over,I will sleep for 20 hours straight. Lol we are so exhausted from all of this. But,even when we move in,there is still a ton of stuff left to do. At least then,we can do I at our own leisure. Tonight I’m going to start sanding down the doors,and paint all our baseboards and window trims. I think I’m gonna spend tomorrow just focusing on finishing packing and cleaning the place we are currently in. Then there should be some light at the end of this tunnel!!!!


Busiest weekend ever May 28, 2012

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I am sooooooooo exhausted! House renos are going great! But we worked our asses off this weekend. We were putting in 14 hour days at our new house. Really hustling to get it ready. I actually have been to busy to weigh myself. So I have no clue what my weight is at. I had full intentions of weighing myself this morning. But I was so tired I didn’t think of it until I was fully dressed and had had some water. So… I will try and remember for tomorrow. Eating wasn’t to bad this weekend. I did have pizza on Saturday,3 slices at lunch,2 slices at supper. But that is all I had all day long. I may have been over points,but I never used bonus points so I probably dipped into that. Yesterday,I had to stop by a bridal shower,and I ate there. That’s all I had all day. So I did pretty good. Not to mention being on my feet 14 hours a day. So I would imagine my weight is the same or lower. I would like to find out how many calories I potentially burned this weekend! We still have a lot of work to do this week,and I can’t wait until it is all done!!!!!


212! May 25, 2012

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I hit 212 this morning. This week has been pretty successful. I don know what I’m doing right? I keep thinking the scale is going to go up. I haven’t had my regular fluctuations this week. Which is great. I’m thinking I will be back up over the weekend. I usually am. I’m really wondering if my intake of extra calories on the weekend has actually been helping me? It usually works when I’ve plateaued,rarely does it work when I was bad 2 weekends in a row. I don’t want to push my luck though. I will do my best to behave. As I’m really motivated by the decreasing numbers. Ooooooh our house renos are coming along great. We’ve gotten soooo much done in the past couple of days. It’s so exciting. I can now almost visualize what it will look like when we’re done. I’m sooooo excited to see it when we put all the floors in,and once the painting is done. My mom and I are going to pick up the paint tonight. Unfortunately we can’t work in the house today. But I’m hoping we get LOTS done on Saturday!!!!


No title May 24, 2012

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Sorry,didn’t have a title today. My weight is holding steady at 213. Which is awesome! I’m really looking forward to seeing that number continue to decrease. I’m not sure how my eating will be this weekend. We started working on our house yesterday. Got all the floors ripped out and and sanded the walls. To get ready to paint. We are going to be very very busy this weekend. With lots of friends and family helping us. Which means I must feed them and keep them hydrated. So….. Pizza is probably in order for this weekend. Which I’m assuming wont be a huge deal,since we’re going to be very active in our house. I also have many things up this weekend besides our house renos. Which completely sucks. As I just want to get everything done. I’m soooooooooooo excited to see the end result of our home. It’s going to look amazing!!!!!!! So excited to paint and get the floors put in!


On the right track May 23, 2012

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Doing fairly well this week. I was down to 213 again this morning. 210 is just soooo close. I’m thinking I will be down to 212 tomorrow. I don’t want to get my hopes up. But I feel it will be a good weight loss week. Tmi-  I think i am expecting it because I’ve been poopin like crazy lol. Turbo mammoth- your comment on my last blog made me laugh,because my husband and I always talk about poop. Nothing surprises him at all anymore. The dieting girl is seriously obsessed with poop. It makes a huge difference on the scale! So why wouldn’t we be concerned about it? And I don’t see a problem blogging about it either. Lol I feel dumb writing TMI before I even talk about poop. Since I don’t think it’s too much information. I think it’s a very important,relevant part of life. Especially when your dieting. I think your bowel movements tell you a lot about your diet as well. Healthy poop,generally means healthy eating. With the exception of being on vitamins,meds,or medical conditions. My problem is prenatal vitamins ( as we are trying for a baby) i took a break from them this weekend and voila….. Poop! Glorious poop! Some people are seriously going to be offended or grossed out by this blog. But to you I say…. EMBRACE IT! It lets you know your doing a good job with your diet,and it helps that number to down on that darn scale!


Another bad weekend May 22, 2012

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So I had another weekend of bad eating. Like really bad eating. It hasn’t seemed to affect my weight too much yet. I was 214 this morning. So I’m up a pound since Saturday. Which probably would’ve happened anyway. I’m hopin it stays this low all week. I’m going to have to be really good for the next little while. I really want to see 210 in the next week or so. TMI alert**** I have been pooping really regularly today and yesterday. This will probably have a positive effect on my weight! Sometimes I think it’s good to switch up the routine. Your body gets so used to certain foods,and a certain amount of calories per day. I really think in the next week or so,of I keep up with good eating,I will lose more weight than I have been. Simply because it’s like starting over again. At least,I have found that to work in the past. We get possession of our house tomorrow. So for the next few weeks,eating will probably not be on our priority list! Anyways,I hope you all had a great weekend!


Yay May 19, 2012

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Weight was down to 213 this morning. This probably won’t last. But it’s only 3 pounds until I hit 210! Then on my way to onederland!!!!!!! Holy crap. I do not recall the last time I’ve been under 200 pounds. Jr. High maybe? I’m so close. The husband and I have been trying for a baby,there is honestly a part of me that just wants to see 199 before that happens. I will take it whenever it comes,but 199 would be soooo awesome. I just don’t feel like this has really happened. It’s been so gradual I don’t notice the changes really. I know I have talked about this before. Many times. But I guess I dont really feel like I’ve worked that hard for it? I have lost 67 pounds with almost no exercise. I do exercise from time to time. But mostly this is all a result of eating well. Which I know is a challenge in itself. I have for sure had my ups and downs. It has been very hard at times. For the most part,this hasn’t been this big emotional weightloss like you see on tv shows. I don’t like attention drawn to it,I don’t feel deprived (most of the time) sometimes I jut want to eat ribs and chicken wings. But I save those things as rewards. Lol I know you should never reward yourself with food. But I TOTALLY do that. You eat well for so long,it’s just time to indulge on things you love sometimes. I think that’s why I’ve been successful. I don’t deny myself anything. I pick and choose when I eat it. I was an anal food bitch in the beginning. But I loosened up over time. Which is probably why I don’t lose as rapidly anymore. But I’m ok with that. Lifestyle change right? Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of myself. I guess I just expected to feel better about it? I love the highs of seeing a new low number on the scale. That has been the best part of weightloss for me. That,and fittin into smaller pants. Lol but that high I felt this morning hitting 213. Makes me want to keep going.


Self control May 18, 2012

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So…. I had to go to my cousins bridal shower yesterday,I totally did not go overboard. Which is a huge accomplishment for me. Oh there were so many tasty treats,I wanted to eat lots Of everything. It turned out I spent most of my time their chatting with people I hadn’t seen in a while. So I didn’t have time to keep going up to the snack table. Ugh…. My crazy aunt who apparently just can’t get enough of talking about my weight,was there. I tried to avoid her the whole evening. I ran into her,right as I was leaving. And she’s like “your still winning the battle?” um…. Yup. And AGAIN she’s like well you obviously starve yourself. No….. No I don’t! like seriously. I’m 215 pounds now. I clearly do not starve myself. I know I have lost 65 pounds,but that has been over a 7 month period. She goes on and on and on. I finally just cut her off and walked away. She is legitimately crazy,so I can’t take her to seriously Lol . I got a few comments from other people,but they were short and sweet. Which is fine with me. On to the weekend,and getting through this battle of my birthday. Argh! I’m going to eat soooooo healthy that having some cake will not be a big deal. At leat that what I’m gonna keep telling myself. On another note,we sign our final documents for our house today!!!!! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the official final bill. Lol soooooooooo much money for lawyer fees and extra fees for everything. I’m a money hoarder,so this is very difficult for me to allow all this money to leave our bank account!


Phew! May 17, 2012

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Weight is back to normal this morning! I think the sodium has left my body,and aunt flo is starting to pack her bags,and go back to her home on witch island. Now,im going to be faced wih a bridal shower tonight. With showers come the inevitable shower food. My biggest weakness. I have very little self control when it comes to chips,dips,anything made with cheese,cream cheese,or mayo. It’s my biggest downfall. I’m going to be very very careful with what I eat today. I need to leave myself wide open for points. I know even if I eat supper before I go,I will eat just as much at the shower. So supper is out of the question today. I’m going to be mindful of my points at lunch. I think it’s just a come and go,really casual type thing. So maybe I just won’t stay as long. Then I will feel guilty because this isn’t just my friend. It is my cousin,who is like a little sister to me. So I can’t just show up and leave. Bah! I hate my love affair with snack food lol


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