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Oh Christmas….. December 27, 2011

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas! My Christmas was great,. We had wonderful times with friends and family! I also had a great time with food! I didn’t keep track at all. I have eaten everything  I have wanted to. I also ate till i was STUFFED. So I weighed myself this morning,and I have gained 3 pounds. Worth it? You bet! I don’t regret it at all. As long as I get back on track, I should lose that weight fairly quickly. The hard part will be having this whole week off of work and getting back on track! But I believe I can do it!


Inspiring! December 22, 2011

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There really are a number of inspirational blogs on this site! I’m so thankful I found this site,and get to read about everyone’s journeys. It really helps,when there are other people going through the same things as you.  The struggles,the highs the lows. It’s something we all share. I don’t have many people in my own life,who struggle with their weight. It’s nice to have a place to vent,from people who don’t judge. No one knows about my secret blog life! Haha. I think I might have mentioned it to my husband,but that’s it. I read every single blog that is posted. I don’t always comment like I should. But your blogs do not fall on def ears. I honestly,take a lot of them to heart. I really think about your quotes,feelings,epiphanies etc. I look forward to all your blogs everyday! I just want to thank everyone for taking the time,and making the effort to let us all into this part of your life! Thanks to people who  also take the time to read my blog as well. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! May all of you have peace,joy,and love through the holidays and into the new year! And don’t feel bad if you gain a pound or two!


Finally broke through my plateau December 21, 2011

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So I had my weigh in yesterday,and I was down 4.8 pounds! Yesterday was my last day of my current weight watchers membership. After Christmas I’m going to attempt to follow weight watchers on my own. I asked my friend to keep me accountable,as I still need that. I fear I would fall off the wagon if I didn’t have someone I was accountable to. Because I have become obsessed with weighing myself,I’m getting my husband to hide the scale somewhere. Im gonna change weigh in days to Thursday’s. As that is usually the day I’m at my lowest weight. Hopefully,I can still stay on track. If I can’t,I will re-join in February. Anyways,I hope you folks all have a wonderful Christmas,or kwanza,or festival of light….. Or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate! Try not to feel to guilty for indulging a little!


I think I’m doing well this week December 20, 2011

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I have done pretty well with my eating this week! Sunday was the only day I over ate. It was my nieces 3rd birthday on Sunday and it was a Kung fu panda theme. So the food was mostly Chinese appetizers. Spring rolls,Tao chicken,ginger beef,egg rolls,and some other stuff. Like I said in my last blog,appetizers are my kryptonite. I certainly overdid it that day. It hasn’t seemed to effect my weightloss  this week. Which is great.

I’m seriously contemplating not counting points over the holidays,as I won’t even know where to start. I’m not in control of anything that is being made. The only meal I could maybe figure out points,is the dinner with my own family. We have a fondue every Christmas eve.which is just meat put into oil to cook. We also do hot rocks,where you cook your food on a heated rock. That would be a healthier alternative to the oil method. My mom also does a cheese fondu. Which is delectable. One tablespoon of that will be half my points. My mom uses full fat cheeses and cream in that fondu. I don’t want to go crazy and gain Ten pounds over the holidays,but I want to enjoy my food and not worry about counting points. I would be ok with a 3-5 pound gain. As my eating will go back to normal right after Christmas. I guess what I’m saying is,I don’t care if I don’t lose anything or gain a couple pounds. I want to find the balance between eating what I want in moderation,and not feel guilty about it! So what if I gain five pounds? I have faith in myself that I can lose that fairly quickly afterwards. This may be a bad idea. I know no matter what,I will still feel guilty! I think i just want a break so I can eat the foods I love.


It’s not chocolate December 15, 2011

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What is your worst “problem food”? Mine is not chocolate,or cakes and cookies,or Anything sweet. My problem is appetizers! Like,crackers and cheese,chips and dip,little egg rolls,jalapeño poppers,mozzarella sticks…. This list could go on forever. Now,I never make these sorts of things anymore. But,I can’t control the situation when I go to a party or function. This weekend I’m going to 2 functions which will have all of these thing in all there delicious glory. Saturday is my sister in laws 30th birthday. Sunday is my nieces birthday party! These types of food are my heroin. There is NO WAY I can go and not have anything. I know that is impossible for me. The last time I was faced with appetizer type food,I just couldn’t stop myself. I went completely overboard. So I already know that not having anything won’t happen. I have pretty awesome self control when it comes to any other food. I just need to apply it towards the appetizer situation. My plan as of right now is to bring my own low fat crackers and rice crisps that way I can have some dip and some cheese without adding the extra. Calories from the crackers,and chips. If there is a veggie tray,I will fill most of my plate with that.  My sister in law usually has healthy options as she is fairly health conscious. It’s just the dips and deep fried goodness that gets me. I need to go in with a game plan,or I will certainly over-indulge!


I’m destined to be 250 pounds December 13, 2011

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Well….. I belive I have hit

MY first plateau. I have been fluctuating around 250 for 3 weeks now and I’m very frustrated. I have consistently lost 2-3 pounds for the past 3 months. I was EXTRA diligent this week because I was so determined to get out of the 250’s. Somehow I have gained 3 pounds this week. I’m feeling extremely down and discouraged. Like I have serious problems when it comes to gaining weight the feeling of failure I experience,is almost nauseating. I get irretible and snappy and my poor husband has to deal with my crazy low. I don’t want to be like this. I’m just so hard on myself,my expectations are so high. If I wouldve made any eating mistakes this week,I wouldn’t be feeling as down. My eating was perfect! And I exercised! I feel like quitting. I Wont. But this is the lowest I have felt since I started this journey. How do you gals stay motivated when you have a random weight gain? I need some coping skills!


I Need to stop weighing myself daily! December 12, 2011

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So…. I have a really bad habit of weighing myself everyday… Several times a day. I know i shouldn’t do that, but I do. It’s so discouraging when you wake up in the morning,and your a good weight. Then you weigh yourself later and there is like a 4 pound difference. That didn’t happen to me all week. This weekend,the scale went up significantly yesterday. The rational side of me is very aware that weight fluctuates. The obsessive old eating disorder side of me,feels its unacceptable to see that weight go up. Ugh… The crazy workings of a diet brain! I need to just wait till my weight watchers weigh in to see my results. But it’s so hard not to check daily,how do I stop doing this? Without getting rid of my scale!


finally! December 9, 2011

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well,it finally happened! someone noticed my weightloss! I went out for breakfast with a friend who doesn’t see me very often. she asked me if i had lost some more weight (she knew i was on weight watchers) she said she could definitely tell a difference in my face! so that is a plus. I also did my measurements yesterday. I have lost 2 inches from my waist,hips,and chest. FINALLY starting to get some actual results! it was a little frustrating losing all this weight and not seeing much of a difference in measurements. I thought the 30 pound mark would maybe be the time those things started happening. I was right! now on my way to 40 pounds!


does anyone else…. December 8, 2011

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do any of you equate a feeling of fullness to eating poorly? if i feel even slightly stuffed,i feel like i made a mistake. I just ate some mac n cheese for lunch. I had one cup of it and for some reason it filled me up like crazy. now,i probably could’ve made a better choice. but it was mac n cheese from a box and it was only 7 weight watchers points. which seriously is nothing in the grand scheme of my day. my immediate reaction to this choice of mine,after feeling full,is failure. I think that is the old eating disorder talking. cause before when i was full,i would just rid myself of it. I think its taking me alot longer to accept that full feeling and not doing anything about, and just letting good old fashioned digestion do its thing. I need to stop this guilt!


ALMOST 30 pounds down! December 7, 2011

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im .8 of a pound away from my next ten pounds i need to lose! I love when i enter a new weight bracket,it feels like a new challenge. only .8 of a pound until im on to lose my next ten pounds. I finally have started seeing a difference in myself. as i was standing in line for weigh in yesterday,i caught my reflection in the mirror. I noticed my winter parka looks massive on me. that parka was TIGHT last year. other people still aren’t noticing a difference. which is ok i guess. I don’t want people to make a big deal of it. on the other hand,it would be nice to have at least ONE person to say “hey,have you lost some weight?” but…. that hasn’t happened yet. it makes me feel like its pointless to lose weight if i look exactly the same! but im doing it for me right? so it shouldn’t matter. if i continue losing weight,eventually people will notice!


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