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wedding is over! November 29, 2011

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finally my life can get back to normal! so exciting! our wedding was beautiful. the only thing that went wrong was no one realized my dress was bustled during the ceremony,which kinda ticked me off that my mom didn’t notice that while she was helping me get ready. and the boning in my dress wouldn’t hold up my chest after the first time sitting down in it. so i was constantly pulling my dress up all night. that was super disappointing. my dress made me look so thin when my boobs were actually lifted properly. I turned out being a little self conscious walking down the aisle. which sucked! I was not on diet this weekend. I ended up not eating anything on my wedding day,except for supper. but there was so much going on i barely ate that as well. the new hubby and i stayed at a hotel on sunday night. so sunday i ate whatever i wanted to. so…. im not going to be losing any weight this week. but thats ok. so far i haven’t gained at all,just maintained. so thats good.


my wedding in 2 days! November 24, 2011

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oh! I forgot to update my weigh in this week. I was down 3 pounds. so i have now lost 26 lbs. still not noticing alot of differences on myself. but,thats alright! anyway…. my wedding is this saturday! the nerves gave certainly kicked in this morning! so i just started cleaning and cleaning and cleaning! I still have ALOT of last minute wedding things to do. but its still early in the morning. not time to get my errands all done. so i started cleaning! we are having our rehearsal tonight… I think that make me nervous too! sorry my blog is all over the place. my mind is racing like crazy right now. lol. well i should start getting ready. my mom will be picking me up in a bit to start running some errands!


so far im on track! November 19, 2011

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im doing really well with food choices this weekend. I should certainly lose weight this week. once i get through the weekend… everything else is a breeze! this coming week may be a challenge though! my wedding is one week from today and,i have thursday and friday off of work. this is a problem for me. when im not working,im not structured,when im not structured,i make bad decisions. nevermind that i am going to be VERY busy so something quick will certainly be more convenient. I think on my actual wedding day im gonna be diet free. im gonna drink as much as i want,and im gonna eat as much as i want. its my wedding day,i think that is a great excuse NOT to diet for one day! anyways,i hope you all have a great weekend!


ugh wedding drama November 17, 2011

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so…. were only 9 days away from wedding day. so there are alot of last minute things to do. I have asked NOTHING absolutely NOTHING of my bridesmaids this whole time. everything i have done i have done with my mom and my sister,who is my maid of honor. well… I let all of them pick their own dresses. the only thing i asked was that they were black and able to have a sash put on. well my aunt… who is doing all of our alterations FOR FREE. wants to do them tonight and tomorrow. and…. well…. this is apparently a HUGE inconvenience for everyone. im super super annoyed. good thing im not a stress eater. actually im the exact opposite of a stress eater. I don’t want to eat when im mad or stressed. so thats a plus i guess. ugh… I just want this wedding overwith so i don’t have to deal with this garbage anymore. I just want my life to go back to normal!


didn’t lose this week. November 15, 2011

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the down side is i didn’t lose at all. the upside is… I didn’t gain! im gonna start properly tracking again this week. im losing focus and need to keep at it! I haven’t tracked my points in weeks. I mean i track them in my head but i don’t write them down. which i think is key. I need to keep this up! im having great success with weight watchers. i’ve come to far to just let it go to waste!


weigh in later today!

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first i want to respond to some blog comments! however there is some TMI coming up so if you don’t like poop talk…. move on. lol. jewlz,your right sodium probably had a part in the gain. I also realized yesterday,that i hadn’t had a bowel movement in 3 days! which is VERY strange for me. im very regular! yesterday i was in alot of pain. which is when i realized i hadn’t had a BM! but i was finally able to go,so this morning i was down 3.5. hopefully i can keep that up all day for weigh in! sorry if this was TMI. but it made sense of why i was gaining! thanks for all your blog comments by the way. you are always so helpful! and next,stimianne,i will try to post pictures of the wedding day! its coming up soon! well,weigh in is today,im hoping i can keep my weight from this morning up all day! we’ll see. I need to stop weighing myself so much! its getting obsessive! I should be happy with once a week. anyways,i should get going! I will update after my weigh in tonight!


another weekend of bad eating! November 13, 2011

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im slowly starting to slip back into old habits. where i eat healthy all week, then the weekend comes, it all goes to hell! well not all of it,but im certainly not as careful anymore. my boyfriend and i LOVE cooking together,and LOVE cooking good food. this weekend has consisted of lasagna. ALL of it made from scratch. noodles,sauce,everything. we did use extra lean beef and low fat cheese,so,thats ok i guess. yesterday,we made a WHOLE rottisere chicken at home. we wrapped it in bacon and put it in the rotissere. um,super delicious! oh and thursday night i had burger king. but opted for a jr. whopper. so that was a better choice than the regular i suppose. all around,not the best weekend for eating. I NEED to get back on track! if i don’t gain this week,i will be SHOCKED. but again,i say that every week. as of today i have gained 1.5 pounds. that could very well change by tuesday. but,probably not! we’ll see! I just need to keep pluggin along. I need to be mindful of making better choices!


dress fitting went well! November 11, 2011

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so… I had my dress fitting yesterday. and it totally fit me like a glove! no alterations needed! I didn’t really think it would as it is a lace up back! I certainly noticed a difference in my shape in the dress. I actually had a defined waist! I had a bit of a defined waist when i initially tried the dress on a couple of months ago. but it was certainly WAY more defined now. I tried my dress on again today,as my mom wanted to practice lacing it up. im sure it will be even more defined if she could tie it a little tighter. im actually feeling confident about looking beautiful on my wedding day. which,honestly,3 months ago when i got engaged,that was my biggest fear. I feared not finding a perfect dress and looking big and bulgy! but i don’t! so this make my wedding day a little less nerve wracking.


dress fitting today! November 10, 2011

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this is my 3rd time trying to write this blog! it just wasn’t showing up! my last blog keeps getting bumped up! weird! anyways,im SUPER excited about my dress fitting today! im really anxious to see if i will notice my body looking any different in it. it made me look about fifty pounds lighter when i initally tried it on. now,im 23 pounds lighter and hoping it makes me look even thinner! I think it should still fit. as it is a lace up back. I really haven’t lost alot of inches! only half an inch off my chest. and 2 off my waist…. and O off my hips (stupid belly fat) anyways,im anxiously awaiting my day to be done so i can start getting ready to go pick up my dress! EEEEE! IM SO EXCITED! hope you all are having a great day!


weigh in yesterday November 9, 2011

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i really do not understand how im still losing weight. seriously. i lost 2.4 pounds this week,making my grand total….23.4 pounds. im still not eating super poorly. but certainly not as good As i have been in the past. im very thankful that i am still losing. im going to try really hard this week to eat better. my results used to be alot higher when i was more cautious. im still a little worried about fitting into my wedding dress! we are only two and a half weeks away from the big day!  i get to go in for a fitting tommorow. which im super excited about! anyways… i should get going. i am at work. hope you are all having a wonderful day.


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