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oh what a night. October 30, 2011

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so last night was my bachelorette party. it was alot of fun. but… I totally over indulged in pizza and drinks. I woke up at like five this morning feeling awful! it wasn’t an i drank to much awful. it was weird. I ended up throwing up. I KNOW it wasn’t from alcohol. im thinking its been so long since i’ve had mass amounts of junk food,my body didn’t know what to do with it. I think my body rejected all the bad things i ingested. I think i learned my lesson. I can’t even describe how i felt. it was something i had never experienced before. I was shakey my stomach was burning and i was BOILING hot. it was so strange. once i threw up i was fine. so i will know for next time. don’t go crazy on junk! not only does it wreck my plan… it apparently wrecks my stomach!


my bachelorette party is tonight! October 29, 2011

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so… my bachelorette party is tonight. so this means loads of beverages and i think were having pizza and stuff too. so i have to be very careful with what i eat today before the party. im thinking i won’t have much of a weightloss this week. I haven’t eaten very well. I have weighed myself and the scale hasn’t moved at all. so i highly doubt i will lose anything by my tuesday weigh in. oh well. we’ll see. I would like to thank andly and jewelz for your suggestions on my last blog. I will see if those changes work so i don’t get spammed so much! anyway,i should get some cleaning done and run some errands. I hope everyone has a great day!


this is annoying October 28, 2011

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I know this is completely not on topic… but,is everyone else experiencing as much spam as i am? for the past couple of weeks it was maybe two or three spam comments a day… not a HUGE deal. well… today i had 13 spam comments. not cool! anyways. things are going pretty good on the eating front i guess. I kinda screwed up yesterday a little. I don’t think i was over points. but it was probably pretty close. and this weekend will be another challenge as it is my bachelorette party. but… I shall remain strong!


weigh in today. October 25, 2011

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so… im at weight watchers right now. waiting for the meeting to start. ha ha. I did have my weigh in and i only lost a pound this week. but a pound is a pound. pretty good considering its that time of the month! I suspect next week will be a little more to make up for the bloating of today! I don’t feel like staying at the meeting today. but i will stay! im REALLY hungry right now. I never eat before my weigh in. so im looking forward to some supper when i get home!


cravings! October 22, 2011

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I don’t know about the rest of you ladies… but when my time of month is coming all i want is GREASE! pizza,chips,fried chicken you name it! today is one of those days for me. seriously! all i want is some junk food. but i’ve come too far and have already lost weight this week… so i don’t want to sabatoge myself. I tend to get creative in times like this,i try to make unhealthy things healthy. but,i don’t know if healthy will cut it today. lol. I will stick on plan. but,i would love nothing more than to eat something bad right now!


today is just one of those days. October 21, 2011

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my TOM must be coming soon. as,i want to eat EVERYTHING in sight! so far its been very controlled. i’ve been attempting to fill up on fruits and veggies. however im just not feeling satisfied AT ALL! my stomach is still growling at me. I HATE days like this. today is the type of day where i could probably eat a whole pizza and still not feel full. this doesn’t happen to me very often. but from time to time when the old mothly friend is on her way. I am a bottomless pit! I have my bridal shower this weekend and there are going to be all sorts of goodies that I LOVE there. not a good time for this bottomless pit feeling to come on! sunday will certainly be a test of my willpower!



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im starting to think,that telling people about my weightloss was a mistake. everyone is really supportive,and thats good. however,people keep talking about it all the time. its not even noticeable on me yet,they just know i’ve lost 16 pounds. my boss is OVERLY encouraging. she makes a HUGE deal out of every pound lost. and always checks to see how much i’ve lost on weigh in day. I don’t know why this bothers me so much. but it does. yesterday my dad was talking to me about it forever. everyone keeps asking me about my goals. I honestly don’t have one. im just trying to be aware of portions and what i put in my body,and hoping it makes a difference. I think i prefer losing weight in silence. that way people aren’t drawing so much attention to it all the time. its too late now so i guess i just have to bare all the weightloss talk. I just don’t want people watching my every move… or every bite. just let me be. let me make my own decisions without feeling like im in a fish bowl!


very successful weigh in today. October 18, 2011

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so… I had my weigh in tonight. im down another 5.4 pounds. equalling up to 16.4 pounds lost in 5 weeks! im feeling pretty good about that! I still don’t notice much of a difference in my appearance.the only thing i notice-which is always the first place i notice… is my upper waist. like just under my breasts. it certainly gets more narrow there. I really noticed it this weekend when i was wearing a dress i have. but other than that. not a significant difference physically. but i suppose it will come in time! im really trying to lose as much weight as possible before im married and my bf and i start having kids. only like five and half weeks till the wedding! CRAZY!


weigh in today

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im so hoping my weigh in goes well tonight. I ate pretty well this week. I made alot of good choices. minus drinking on saturday. which i used my bonus points for. i feel like i lost weight. so hopefully my feeling is right!


things are on track October 17, 2011

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I had SUCH a busy weekend this weekend. I didn’t have time to count points and worry about all that. I usually wonder how someone just doesn’t have time for that. but i really didn’t! however i generally know the points system by heart. so i can usually estimate what im eating. i think i used up all my bonus points in booze on saturday. well not ALL of them but alot of them. so i had to be careful with everything else i consumed. im hopeful for weightloss this week. if i don’t i will be very discouraged. as i have been quite disciplined. other than drinking on saturday! but i kept a mental note of what i was consuming! so hopefully i was accurate!


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