My personal weight loss journey

I have done well this month!

I can only pray and work hard to keep the progress continuing!

I have lost 15lbs this month by calorie counting, lowering carbs, eating lots of fruits and veggies and working out 5x a week for 1.5 hrs.

Today, I am not doing anything and I am feeling guilty like I should be, but I do need time to rest my muscles from the workouts and I was feeling like I needed a rest…but still feels like a defeat cause I gave in to my ┬átiredness today!

I have been working so hard and I have mentally trained myself that when I am tired I should push harder, maybe this is why I am feeling guilty!

I know I should listen to my body sometimes though and have some down time when it is telling me I need it!

Well…I am just going to enjoy this mellow day and as long as I make good food choices and keep moving for most of the week, I think I’m good! ­čśë

Hello world!

About a month ago I said to myself, I can’t stand being in my own skin anymore and I am going to forever change myself and my habits!

It is painful, both emotionally and physically to be extremely overweight and I feel I have let the happiness I deserve evade me by allowing myself to get as heavy as I am.

I gazed in the mirror somberly and confused about who that person was looking back at me….for I did not know her….Who is this huge, unhealthy, unhappy woman that feels disgusted at what she see’s and feels?

I have allowed this to keep me from participating in life long enough and I refuse to let myself sink any farther into despondency! So, here I am world….determined and prepared to take responsibility for the mess I have created…..TIME FOR POSITIVE CHANGE!!!!