New Moon, Saturday 6

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I have had a wonderful day today! I got a gym membership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited about this because it is so close to my school that I can easy go before or after classes and early in the morning, etc. It was a graduation present 🙂 I feel so blessed! I have an appointment on Tuesday with a trainer, and the trainer will show me around the gym and how to use all of the equipment. Its fantastic!

Phase 1, week 6. The New Moon Friday

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I have forgotten to post AGAIN on Friday! This Friday was a horrible day though. I even cried it was so bad. But, its better now so enough of that 🙂

I weighed in at 246! I lost 3 pounds 😀 WOOHOO!

I am now OFFICIALLY the smallest I have ever been since I lived here in this state! WOW! I am quite proud.

I have more to say, but since it IS Saturday I think I will make my Saturday post instead!

New Moon, Thursday 5

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I think this is the hardest part. The part where I am still toward the beginning of my weight loss journey, and yet im far enough in that its going slower than when it first began. If i were down another 21 pounds I would probably be another pant size smaller and I could better see the difference in myself. I would feel more normal and less fat. But, i am not there yet. I am here at that point where I lost enough to kind KNOW there is a difference, but not a significant amount to really see or feel it. I need to get DOWN there! I cant speed up time or anything, I know. I can just work every day and then in a month (hopefully) from now I can be like WOOHOOO IM A SIZE SMALLER! YEAAAAAAAAA! The more i lose the more inspired I am. I also think I feel like this week is a hard week. I staggered my calories because of Friday, I didnt do so well Sunday either. I mean, I didnt do BAD and i didnt go over my calories, but i try to go under to give myself some calorie cushion. I was at the calorie line this week.

On a good note, I have started walking! WOO YEAAA! I have been doing good with it, even though i only did it twice this week. Its a definite start 🙂 I hope it balances out my less prosperous days so that I can have a good weightloss this week. 2.5 pounds, COME ON 2.5!

New Moon, Sunday 5

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Friday I went out with my theater group after rehearsal and I had food I shouldnt have 🙁 But I still made healthy decisions and controlled my portions, so it wasnt so bad 🙂

I am finding it difficult to write as often, mostly because im so busy and I fell that I dont have much to say?

I know I need to exercise more, especially since I lost 20 pounds already. I need to do more exercise with my diet to continue getting the results that inspire me. What makes it difficult right now is the weather. It hasnt been nice out, so it makes going for nice long walks difficult. I know that will change soon enough though 🙂

Phase 1, Week 5. The New Moon, Friday

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Weigh-in: 249 pounds! I lost 2 pounds this week, which is ok. I was hoping for at least a half a pound more but its still a success! I have lost 21 pounds so far! YAY! I break even at the smallest i have been in 5 years, last year this time i was 249 pounds. NEXT WEEK i will be the smallest i have been in 5 years. Its exciting, to weigh less than i have in so long.

I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED MY EASTER CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went down a pant size! I fit into size 18 pants!!!! I DID IT!!! I am so happy 😀  Its an amazing feeling to slip those pants on and button them and go :O

Even though i didnt weigh-in where i wanted to i am supremely happy. This is the close of my 4th week, and the beginning of my 5th week. In one month i lost 21 pounds. I find this to be AMAZING.

New Moon, Wednesday 4

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I havent been updating this blog too much! I need to get on it!!!

The Easter Challenge is almost over, my goal is to lose a pant size and im ALMOST THERE. I hope i can make it in time. I feel like i have been 100% successful with my weightloss so far and being able to meet my first challenge will inspire me even further.

Weigh-in is in just a couple days! If i lose, which i certainly hope i do, i will possibly weigh less than i have in 5 years! WOW! That is going to bring tears, i am so excited!

Phase 1, Week 4. The New Moon, Friday

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OOPS! I was preoccupied on Friday and unable to post! So im going to do it today!!!

Weigh-in: 251 pounds! WOOHOO!

I am pleasantly surprised! I did not expect to lose that much weight this last week. It felt like a dull week with little progress. BUT, i DID! I love that pleasant surprise!

I also tried on my pants, size 18. ALMOST THERE!!! I am certain i can make my Easter challenge now 🙂

I went and saw The Hunger Games last night, as a sort of reward for myself. It was a great movie! I felt good. Non food rewards are wonderful, and more fulfilling 🙂

New Moon, Thursday 3

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I havent been online in a few days… I got hooked on Ghost Hunters International on Netflix.

The weather has been cold and discouraging all week and i have hardly been outside. I am also readjusting to school, spring break is over. It just feels very dull. I have definitely been counting calories, and a little exercise, but not much. My weigh-in is coming up soon. I feel more nervous for this one rather than excited. I hope i lost SOMETHING. I dont expect it to be as large as the others. It would be great for a pleasant surprise though!!!

New Moon, Saturday 3

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Week 3!

I am hungry this week, i just feel hungry. I think its because of spring break and just relaxing at home. Being relaxed, more free to eat whenever. I think my body sinks into lazy lets eat food mode. BUT, school starts again Monday. Woohoo! Back to normal schedule!

I dont have too much to write, im exhausted. I dont want to go without writing for awhile though, so i figure even if its just a little bit, its something.

Phase 1, Week 3. The New Moon, Friday

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Weigh-in: 255.5 pounds! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Lost 5.3 pounds 🙂 Which means, i have lost a total (starting from 270) of 14.5 pounds so far!

Riding the bike is getting easier. I went for a 30 minute ride yesterday and am not nearly as sore. Riding it again today, for about thirty minutes. Yayayayay. I love how i am actually doing this and getting results. I love love love it. I feel amazing and i feel like i am accomplishing something i have been dreaming and whining about for years.

I am in the Easter challenge, and my challenge is to be a size 18 by Easter. I can button up the pants, now the fat needs to melt off so they actually look good on! YEA! Once i reach 239 pounds i will be the smallest i have been in over 5 years. Wow! Thats right around the corner!